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Is Pimping The Way To Go...?

One can imagine the old generations, or at least that small part of them who were conscious of who they were, are rolling now in their graves to the end their struggles and sacrifices have led their progenies to. If it's true in general that as conditions change enemies and friends can switch positions, it's also true when nothing substantial has changed the positions remain frozen in time. That's not the case in the Arab World where even though nothing substantial has changed in the last one hundred years or so, some bizarre phenomenon has asserted itself and became not only public but also accepted, namely the admission of failure and powerlessness! What has changed then? On the face of it nothing! But as one has to sieve the dirt in order to find gold, perhaps sifting through those wretched times may yield some insights that may give some clues to the fast spread of the epidemic of emasculation -or perhaps only a case of an acute recidivism? In other words, of why prostitution and pimping came to be not only an accepted fact in todays Arab-stans but also a cultural phenomena of the first degree!

The phenomenon of trusting others with one's own destiny does seem to be part of the Arab cultural-political heritage. From the Abbasid' caliphs's foreign legions to protect them from their kith and kin, to the Mamluks and Janissaries, to today's rulers dependence, for their protection and survival, on the big powers' military presence and intelligence services except their own. The history of the petty principalities, on the Iberian Peninsula, plottings with the enemy in their continuous strive against each other is a good illustration of the Arabian maxim: 'the Arabs agree on not to agree" and of what's still taking place more than a half millenium later. Today's ruling regimes and their opposions do confirm, without a shadow of a doubt, that loyalities and treason are easily exchanged in the market place of Arab corrupted and sick culture.

It's also a fact that no society or country can be dominated without the volunteer or coopted collaboration of part ot its own population. Powers may think twice before invading any society that's known to value its freedom over life, to have a good dose of pride and dignity, and to have a solidarity among its members beyond the primal and primitive ties of faith and blood and tribe. We all know, or at least that part of us who indulged in the history of their ancestors, how the Italians, the French and the Brits went about enslaving the whole area and dividing it into fiefdoms to suit their purposes with the collaboration of many local shiekhs, pashas, and entire tribes. The "notables" not helped "pacify" the rebelious areas, kept "order" and informed on the "trouble makers'" amdist them but also volunteered and urged their followers to volunteer in the armies that went around the globe serving their masters's needs. When these powers decided to evacuate the area they logically found no better than the ranks of those who served them well in their stay and delivered the power to them. They became the true and loyal custodians to these powers interests in the area. The Idrises, the Al-Sauds, the as-Sabahs, the Hashemites, etc. are only the most blatant examples of the "indigenization" of an adventure that turned out to be costly. The irony of all ironies that most of these or their descendants became the grandees after the so-called independence was granted. Today tthe lucky among them are still in power, and the unlucky ones -those are more than the lucky ones- are flooding the ranks of the so-calle "Arab elites," those who call themselves by various names, "intellectauls or Ustads", opposition leaders, etc.

Is there a difference between those in power and those opposing them? Not if we listen to what each is saying about the other. Each is accusing the other of being at the employment of the big powers. The facts confirn both their accusations are true! Most of the regimes are doing the bidding of the power(s) that sponsers and protect them and the oppostion. Well, the Karzai-zation and Chelbi-zation are not an exceptional phenomena but perhaps more and more are becoming the rule. Just read what's written on some of the Libyan sites and listen to the ALFA group's sucking to the Pentagon's hawks to bring democracy to "their people"!

What happened that melted and merged the varoius political ideolgies, whether rightwingers or leftwingers to reach the stage of desperation and consign their fate to the power that at one time they piled their grievances against, is a subject worth investigation. Islamists and Arab nationalists are in the same ranks asking Uncle Sam to come to the rescue! If this doesn't represent a sign of the last days then I don't know what possibly be worse to foretell about the end of the world as we know it.

The $64 billion question is what these people are asking the help for. Is it going to be much different if one puppet takes over from another? Unless someone finds the missing link and tells us there's in fact a substantial difference between one puppet and another then let be known that perhaps what the old hands of the State Department's knew for long, that's, "The devil you is better than the one you don't know," has perhaps some validity in it.

Since there's nothing substantial that motivates these groups except repeating what they hear on the media: democratization, globalization, human rights, etc. They perhaps needed to reminded that these outworn mantras are only intended for public relationa purposes, the real reasons are always went unsaid but alll those involved in executing the policies certainly know what they're: Hegemony and domination of a vital area, come what it takes. One may say it's a classical contradiction of terms to dominate an area and to libertae it. But since we live in extrordinary times the oxymoronic, magically can become flexi-moron as the puppet is acclaimed as a heoe! Unless some of thes smart-aleckses can prove that these concepts can be amended to allow for such noble concepts as democracy and human rights to flourish under domination, then they do better to save us the drivel about saving their people.

In the absence of a clear framework and ideological stands attempts by this or that are more hits in the darkness of a desperate folks who run amock than a genuine search for sloutions. Solutions tend to behave like everything orgnaic, they grow only on their own local soil. To ask for the change in the formal political structures without touching what the cancer that gnaws at the soul and spirit of that society, is to say the least, like "plowing in the sea".

The other important question to ask becomes: What's to be gained that justifies the loss of oneself. How can one loses the trust of his own people and still be an effective campaigner for he'she cliams. Time and again people refused what was offered, no matter how good it was, when the offerer is a turncoat. Thus, there're no substitutes for those who're sincerely invested in helping their people overcome their dilemmas, to keep if they have any or to gain, namely, the RESPECT and TRUST of those who're trying to serve.



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