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Mr. Ehwedi Should Go Back To Libya

Dear Dr. Ighneiwa,

I am one of the Libyan physicians who did move to Canada on my own limited budget after I worked over several years back home to obtain a minimal wage from the Ministry of Health and Social Security in Libya, as was the case with the other Libyan physicians working in this sector.

I attempted several times to apply for a scholarship grant from either the Ministry of education or the Libyan Armed Forces, However, all my attempts failed for no obvious reason other than the lack of political support. Lately, I decided to move to Canada to find a better way of living and to improve my academic and clinical skills. I moved in between several cities before I settled to write the groups of medical examinations and English tests that will qualify me to obtain a license for medical practice in underserved areas in Canada.

The painful part of the story begins when we met the Libyan Cultural counsellor and student adviser (the title sounds a great professional). We are expecting to meet with a highly educated and well-qualified person with a lot of knowledge and experience in the management of academic programs. It was a real shock when we found one of the members of the Libyan regime who is involved in several economic crimes and charged by Libyan courts in several economic crimes when he was a member of the revolutionary movement (In brief, A very terrorist system organised by the Libyan regime to terrify the Libyans). It was a real shock for many of the Libyan students who are either studying on their own expenses or those who were sponsored by the Government when we met this Cultural counsellor.

The meetings with the cultural adviser, and the student counsellor, who hardly speak a very Basic English, were implemented by the Libyan Students Union in Ottawa to discuss the Libyan students affairs, and manage their personal, social, academic problems.

One of the major problems that was on the top of the discussion panels was the status of the Libyan students who are currently studying on their own limited budget, and the possibility of issuing a scholarship grant to assist them continue their career in the various disciplines. The response of the cultural adviser (namely, Mr. Ehwedi) on several meetings was that we are waiting for the approval from the Libyan authorities, the Ministry of Services. This kind of response had been the same for several years. Mr. Ehwedi is currently attempting to stand against Libyan students and physicians who did complete their study or training from obtaining further experience and practice in Canada. He is doing this kind of behaviour to acquire the satisfaction of his seniors or his leaders. Apparently, he is not aware of the latest declarations issued by the Ministry of Justice and General security that authorizes the Libyan citizens to obtain a double citizenship status and to have the freedom to practise wherever they like. I am not sure whether our cultural adviser is aware of the principles of the International Green Charter Movement, Human Rights for the Third Millennium, Item#4 which indicates that “Citizenship is a sacred right. Nobody can be deprived of it or have it removed” However, I would that Mr. Ehwedi should go back to his Jamahirhyia to obtain further revolutionary education and training from his Revolutionary Committees Movement.

He was also standing against some students who would like obtain a very advanced training in some rare specialties, although, some of the students were offered and granted a scholarship for one to two years from the Canadian Universities.

On the other side, he was threatening the Libyan students who just arrived, and currently preparing for their medical or English tests that he is planning to send them back home if they were not able to be granted a training position within a very limited period of time. He did not realize that the matter of obtaining an academic position in one of the North American Universities is not as simple as he thinks. He should understand that this is not a simple process like what he thinks was in Libya. It is a very complex series of interviews, followed by approval of the training from the postgraduate committees.

Furthermore, He should know, and understand that it is not an issue of obtaining a license to work, and practise in Canada. It is a matter of a principle, that make someone who did complete his or her basic training to obtain a kind of practical experience to consolidate their training skills. The chance of working outside Libya is widely available, and I believe that nobody will stand frozen at this if Libyans were not authorized to work in Canada. Libyans were welcomed to work everywhere on the universe. Libyan professionals have an excellent reputation across the world form the United States and Europe to Asia and the gulf countries.

Mr. Ehwedi should realize that he is in this position for a quite limited number of years, and I am hoping that himself should be the first one to go back to Libya, and continues his crimes against the other Libyans in Libya. We are calling for all of the organizations including the Libyan Students Union in Canada, and the General Secretary for the Libyan Students Union in Jamahiyria, and the Qadhafi Foundation Charity to limit and charge this cultural adviser for his crimes against the Libyans within and outside Libya.


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