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Let's Keep The Pressure On!

Dear Libyan brothers and sisters:

There is no doubt as to our collective concerns regarding the settlement of the Pan Am 103 tragedy. Now it appears that Gaddafi has accepted responsibility for it, not in his name, but in ours. Such an acceptance of responsibility brands all of us and Libya’s future generations with the stamp of terrorism. This situation is obviously tolerable to Gaddafi and his henchmen as long as they are permitted to retain their seats of power, bleeding Libya’s resources, demeaning its people, and distorting its reputation and its history.

I know for certain that not a single decent Libyan condones what Gaddafi has done over the past 34 years. However, silent disapproval will not change Libya’s realities on the ground. We need to act collectively! Your letters, articles, and various postings on Libyan web sites attest to our desires to put an end to Gaddafi’s tyrannical rule. These writings have been spurred on as a result of the latest debates and developments regarding the Pan Am 103 affair. What will happen when this issue becomes secondary as the international community moves on to other crises? Will Libyans move on and forget their country’s endless nightmare under Gaddafi?

There will be a debate in the UN Security Council on Monday, August 18 related to the Pan Am 103 settlement. We need to call Security Council members to point out to them that justice will only be served by putting Gaddafi on trial for this crime and the innumerable human rights violations that he has committed during the past 34 years of his rule. The overwhelming majority of his victims are Libyans, for whom justice was never sought and never served. It is simply a criminal act for the UN Security Council to legitimize acceptance of Gaddafi’s blood money, stolen from his victimized people. The billions of dollars in ransom money belongs to the people of Libya, who have been systematically robbed and traumatized throughout his reign of terror. We are confident that by forcing Gaddafi to face trial at the International Court will truly mean that justice will have been served for all of his victims.

Please call the following numbers on Monday, let’s keep their telephones ringing until they hear Libya’s voice and address its concerns.

  • Syria’s rep. (President of the Security Council for August): 212 661 1313
  • China’s rep.: 212 655 6100
  • France’s rep.: 212 308 5700
  • United Kingdom rep.: 212 745 9200
  • United States rep.:212 415 4000
  • Russia’s rep.: 212 861 4900

Mohammed M. Bugaighis, Ph.D

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