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Gaddafi's Lockerbie Settlement:
A Case Of EXTORTION Mob Style

Extortion is the unjust extraction of an exorbitant charge or payment through the misuse of authority or power. In other words, it is the felonious act of extorting money using violent means or the threat of violence.

Unfortunately, this is exactly what the US and UK are now engaging in the Middle East and North Africa. The not so subtle blackmail of the Arab autocracies in Saudi Arabia, Yemen, and Egypt following the 9/11 terrorism, and flagrant threats against Syria, Iran, and Lebanon in the wake of the invasion of Iraq are all but examples of the new world "order" based on Bush's values ("guided" of course by the not so secret lobby in the Pentagon).

The moral decline in the ruling elite in the West has reached such a tragic low that the once highly respected (to the point of reverence) democracies in Europe and America suddenly look and feel no better than shabby autocracies of the Middle East, and the President of the United States, once a symbol of national pride and moral stature, is now hardly distinguishable from the little Middle Eastern dictators he frequently receives in the White House.

Otherwise, how can you fathom the descent of American foreign policy to the point of mob style extortion?!!

How can the US government exploit the total helplessness of the Libyan people and use Gaddafi, an exhausted aging buffoon, to siphon a big chunk of the national income of an entire people?

Bush and his "advisors" are fully aware that Gaddafi has never been elected by the people of Libya, and therefore he has no legitimate standing, legal or constitutional basis to rule the country. Gaddafi himself even denies having an official title or position in the Libyan government.

In short, Gaddafi is nothing but a criminal, a gangster who holds an entire country, people and property hostage. Therefore, the only right the US has in Libya is to seek and capture Gaddafi and his accomplices. These are the individuals responsible for the Lockerbie tragedy. The Libyan people would no doubt welcome the opportunity to get rid of this coward and his cowardly followers, but Libyans vehemently reject extortion, which is what this settlement truly is.

As much as the Libyan people sympathize with the victims families and as much as they desire to see justice done and punishment exacted from the perpetrators, the Libyan people refuse to bare any moral or financial responsibility for the Lockerbie tragedy.

The Libyan people consider any financial commitment made by Gaddafi or his appointed accomplices null and void and no agreement signed by Gaddafi or on his behalf will be respected by any future legitimate government of Libya

Mustafa Mahmoud Al-Mansouri

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