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ALFA: Are They Libyan Kalaby's or Karazi's? (3)

"The realization of democracy is a national and patriotic duty of ours"
The Nobel Laureate, Shirin Ebadi

The stagnation of our society, the harshness of Qaddafi's dictatorship is a reality. I think many Libyans agree in principle that, this regime has no legitimate to continue and completely bankrupt. It failed the very people who welcomed it in 1969, and broken all its promises to build modern society based on freedom, equality and prosperity.

It changes its identity to all rainbow colors. He was Pan-Arab nationalist, to be a hard liner socialist, nationalizing small coffee shops, to be an African fighter and now globalization advocator. The Majority of Libyans knows very well the real nature of Qaddafi. He is a sick man, and a dictator who cares about him self and his family.

What most of us disagree with The ALF Group is that the change should be by us and for us, without any foreign intervention for many reasons. The westerners care less about us and they are ignorant and arrogant when it comes to the Arabs and non-European masses. The motivation of American administration and Wall Street not usually the human rights, but economic gains.

The American defending of the Israeli's brutality against Palestinian people and their justification of the massacre of Janine refugee camp are a violation of international human rights. The Guantenamo's detainees are deprived from the rights stipulated under Geneva Convention, the universal Declaration of Human Rights and The United Nation Covenant on civil and Political Rights. The American administrators repeatedly calling for the liquidation of their opponents and openly put bounty on individuals heads and are guilty in Iraq, by violation the Iraqi's rights and destroying their property after the fall of the previous regime on their hands. They installed sectarian government system instead of democratic secular institutions.

"All men are created equal", that is the goal of all human kind from the beginning. The American government does not consider us equal to the judo-Christians in this regard. One American wrote on the, Covert Action, " The political, religious and legal freuden that are the birthright of every American (of course non-Arab and non Muslim) are a rightful source of both national pride and foreign admiration. This is could be constitutional rights for the Americans. Many Americans don't see that in daily life. Apartheid, segregation, violence and class society is obvious in daily American life".

Mark Herts Gaard wrote "but the reality of American freedom is more complex than some foreigners realize". Journalists and thinkers forced to apologize for expressing their opinions, which contradict the domain of White House policy, including Bill Miller, Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson. Ironically, those actions remind us of the plight of our own. Attorney General Mr. Aschcroft (strong evangelist), said, any lawmaker questioned the proposed restriction on civil liberties was only aiding terrorists. The senate majority leader, Tom Daschle was accused by Bush administration of giving aid and comfort to the enemy. Qaddafi called his opponent stray dogs and enemy of the people, the same excuses. The USA Patriotic Act signed by the same president whom our ALFA members praised his actions as breeze of freedom, on Oct 25, 2001, was an extraordinary attack on liberties by giving the attorney general the right to detain indefinitely any non citizen for security reasons (this affect about 20 million people in USA). It allows the securities to search a citizen' house and business with out notification (Zwaar Alfajar).

The government can wire tape telephone lines, Internet communication, and will have access to personnel bank and credit card details. The security agents can seize public library records to check what people are reading and CIA can spy on Americans. I think The American Patriotic Act is identical to Qaddafi's Honor law (Qanoon AL-Sharaf). General Buchanan, the third Pentagon man, said in different Anglican Churches speeches that George W Bush was not elected by people but god handpicked to fight the evil of Islam, can we trust them.

Saleh Mansour

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