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ALFA: Are They Libyan Kalabys or Karazis?

ALFA, you are dreaming. You can't steal our Libya and provide it in golden dish to the Zionists and new Crusaders, just because we disagree with tyranny in our country. We were under Turkish tyranny during the fascist invasion. They want to liberate and civilize us too. The same slogans, which we hear now, aren't they?

We fought fiercely with Bouswana (old primitive rifle) and paid 750.000 martyrs. No Abouzaakouks, Buisers or Bougigaises among them (strangely Zaakouk and Gigais are the same meaning). I lost five members of my family to the fascist, and my father was in prison during Idris's rule. I lost six members of my family to Qaddafy' neo-fascist regime.

ALFA, you the abnormal creature, have nothing to do with our beloved Libya. Your fake transparency will not fool us. We the Libyans, able to get rid of this disastrous ignorant dictatorship by the will of Allah, our Love for Libyana, and Arabic and Islamic heritage, which you abandoned for illusions. We will regain Libyana with our sacrifices as our grand fathers, fathers and brothers did.

Many questions need answers today, and at the hands of your creator in the day later. Who invited whom? What are the hidden agendas? Who ask you, democrat, to go the Congress to ask the Zionists and to help The Libyan People. Do you see what this gang are doing to our brothers in Palestine, Iraq, Saudi Arabia and Afghanistan? Do you want our women and girls to entertain the Occupation army?

My advice to you the failures stay in US as second-class citizens, as I do, and not help to make our people second-class citizens in their own country (God forbidden). I don't know which minority Mr. Buisir and Dr. Saleh will represent in the promised Governing council. We know their humble origin and they do not belong to the Libyan major tribes. They could translate Mr. Bush' and wolfetz speeches. Please do not gamble with something you cannot offer to lose, your country.

My brothers, Allah (SW) promises that the aggressor; a person or state will be punished in our world. In Allah we trust. (THE OPPRESSORS WILL FACE THE WRATH OF ALLH).

Saleh Mansour

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