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Re: Noor-Han's Letter To Alsature - Libyan XX(*)

Al Salam Alikum All,


Can you... Calm down people?!

Phewwwwwwww... what a hassle!

So everyone here thinks al-sature is a sexist simply because he dresses Gaddafi up like a woman?!

Come on for God's sake... why are you mixing things up?

It's like your fighting for the rights of women, and I would probably root that to the western media that shows women in the Middle East as oppressed and lacking freedom! Thats what they feed you, so don't go on and swallow it like its the truth! Sure there are problems for women (but that happens all around the world, which is no excuse not to make it stop!) and sure some ideas should get changed, but the thing is... is this the main and most important cause at the moment!?

Or is trying to open the eyes of the world on our Libyan cause more important? I see that you all are well educated Libyans, and I am sure that you love your country, so why not try to make use of that?

If you think al-sature's work humiliates women then send try talking with him about it. I will not defend him here, I am sure he can do that for himself.

As for the so called LibyanXX who chose to attack and "insult" me here even though she could have sent me an email (my email is always published with the cartoons), I honestly don't know what your problem is!? You have succeeded in turning this Post into constant criticism of Libi25, as if we have a personal problem! I don't know you, do I? I thought not!

So Mr. Ashur refused to publish your letter, so who do I take my anger out on?! Oh, Libi25 ofcourse!

"Just like what happened with the incident related to Libi 25. When many were justifying his stealing of others work and called it "investment" for our cause! And what's more, Akhbar-Libya, a news outlet that claims to be objective and seeks credibility, insists on considering him "fanan."

Ah well! It is an investment for our cause whether you like it or not! And as for the word "fanan" which seems to be causing some sort of annoyance for you... Akhbar Libya has taken it off upon my request sometime ago!

"wonder if the rejection was a knee-jerk reaction to my criticizing their so-called fanan Libi25 and their ill-advised participation in his admitted plagiarism, which is an act of theft and violation of other people's intellectual property. No one who works in the public domain is immune from criticism just because they work against the regime, not Al-sature, not Akhbar-Libya, and not the 'ayni 'aynak thief Libi25."

Again your own words! An act of theft you call it? I think I made myself clear before at Libya News & Views (Letters section) so I won't repeat myself here. And as for calling me a " 'ayni 'aynak thief" I am quiet sure that this is due to the fact that you became "upset' since your letter was not published and again you found no other way to take out your anger except by bashing Libi25!

I hope you are feeling better now!

I don't want to waste time on this really, and I know you will probably continue to argue and throw more accusations. However I will try to keep up with this discussion but I really hope that we will all act as grown ups and stop attacking one another in such low manner!

I don't need to defend myself...

Whatever I do, I do for my people back home, I do for my Libya, and I hope it helps!

Whether you think it's this or that, its up to you, I totally respect your opinion, I just hope It's done in "good Libyan manners"!

Just don't press on the wounds, trust me I have enough.

I wish you all the best and I hope we will all return soon to Libya!

Take care and thanks.

Yours Truly,

(*) This letter was originally posted on the Forum as a reply to Noor-han and LibyanXX postings. It can be found under the name " " at: [Libi25]

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