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Response To: The Libyan Doctors In Canada

Dear Doctor:

If the purpose of your stay in Canada after you finished your training is just to make some money, I can tell you will make more money in your country (Libya) than what you may earn in Canada. Remember, the income tax in Libya is not 52%, and there is no 15% sales tax (PST & GST) on top of that.

Moreover, with your specialty (you are either an obstetrician or an anesthesiologist, according to your letter) you will be very busy in the private practice and, therefore, you will make lots of money.

Mr. Poor doctor! I advise you to sell your car and sublet your apartment and call Mr. Ehwaidi for a "One-way Ticket to Libya".

Dear Poor Doctor: who sponsored your training in Canada?
     a) The Canadian Government.
     b) The Libyan Government.
     c) Your own expense.
     d) None of the above.

I am sure your answer will be "b" without any doubt. So why you do not seem to be very happy with the decision taken by Mr. Ehwaidi to prevent you from getting a permit to practice in Canada.

Will you be willing to pay back all the expenses paid to you and paid on your behave to the Universities during your training?

We know that there are so many things that you cannot do in the Libyan hospitals these days because of many reasons. One of these reasons, in fact, is lack of the well-trained specialists like you. Most of the Libyan specialists refuse to go back once they finished their training.

Therefore, by preventing you and your alike from practicing in Canada or other places would be the first step towards improving the health services in Libya. The Libyan people will benefit from this. With your experience as a specialist in your field, I am sure you will provide a lot of help to the Libyan people in Libya.

I am personally appreciated what Mr. Ehwaidi is trying to achieve. I advise him to extend this achievement to cover all the Canadian provinces. I am sure this will help to provide good medical care to our people in Libya.

Libyan Doctor In-Training

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