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To The Libyan Doctor In Canada

Salam to all,

To Leebi,

You started your letter by saying the stupid cultutural adviser (it guess you meant cultural advisor) is killing you because he prevented you from getting a job in Canada. I personally donít know the guy and therefore do not know much about his intelligence, but obviously you do not strike me as some one who could be smarter. I will not judge you by who he is or what you think about him, but I will judge you by the reasons you presented to us here trying to get our support.

You are claiming that he prevented you from working in Canada after you finished your training. I can not think of any way in which he might be able to do that. I live in Canada and I know how the Canadian system works. I assure all of you Libyans that the Libyan cultural advisor is not the minister of human resources or the one who hires doctors here in Canada. So your first argument is false, and let us get to the second one.

You said that you donít want to go back to Libya, because it doesnít have state of the art equipment and accordingly working there is almost impossible. Now, either you are so damn ignorant, in which case explaining to you what it means to be a doctor is just a waste of time, or you are one hypocrite opportunistic who lacks any morals and hence talking to you is meaningless. Nonetheless, I will give you the benefit of the doubt and tell you what I think. Lack of equipment was never an issue for a real doctor. As you might be aware, there are group of doctors called "doctors without borders" who go and practice their duties in very remote places and in the most harsh circumstances with little or nothing of the fancy equipment you are asking for. We donít ask you to be like them and go to Malawi or some other country, but just go back to your own country and help your own people. Now, I donít know whether you came to Canada on your expense or you are here because the Libyan people paid for you. If it is the last scenario, then you should be ashamed of yourself to even discuss this issue in public and you should just go home and try to pay back those poor people who paid your "apparently useless training".

I donít believe that the cultural advisor was able to prevent you from getting work here in Canada, but if he did, under the intention that graduates should go back and serve their people, I truly salute him and ask him to keep doing it. This might sound harsh, but people we got so mixed up with the antigovernment slogans and every one is using it to get away with nonsense. Our duty is for the Libyan people and whoever is able to help shouldnít look of excuses. This Leebi guy apparently has no problem with the government, since he is calling for his leaderís son to help him. Come on man! Are you kidding me? At least make your stand clear in this issue and be on one side. Either say I donít care who is in control in Libya and I am going there to only do my job, or say that you can not go home because of the government there and in that case you should stop asking for their help. If your excuse of not going home is because of the government, I might disagree with you, but at least I will respect you. If you try to get it both ways, then you are worthless individual and in this case the Libyan people is better off without you and I hope you donít go home even if the regime is changed.

P.S., Leebi, If I were you, the first thing I should do is to work on my English if I want to work in Canada. Your letter is full of mistakes and normally that is fine, since one should not be judged by a language that is not his/her mother tongue. But not to be able to write anesthesia correctly says a lot about you as a doctor and as a trainee who thinks Libya does not deserve his valuable skills.

Libyan Man

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