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Letter To President Bush

Mr. George Bush
President of the United States of America
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue
Washington, D.C. 20502-0001

Dear Mr. President,

It is with great sorrow that we write this letter as a response to an ill informed initiative taken by a group of American-Libyans to address you regarding establishing freedom and democracy in Libya. This letter came much to the surprise of most Libyans, if not to most human beings following the news today. Therefore we felt a responsibility to inform you of this misjudged action so you would not act upon it immediately, which may cause your administration further troubles.

First of all, we fully agree with the ALFA’s claim that Gaddafi’s regime is a tyrannical regime and has imposed oppression and caused a lot of instability and violence in the region, and around the world. Most of us have escaped the grasp of this regime in Libya and have been involved in many different organizations that aim to rid our beloved country of this regime. This mission is not yet complete, and we continue to strive for this goal to free our country from this dictatorship.

Due to the recent developments in the global arena, we strongly believe that this responsibility lies on the Libyan people themselves. We strongly feel that the true end to misery and years of oppression and terrorism in Libya will be the work of Libyans themselves and no one else. We do not deny the fact that Libyans will need a lot of support and encouragement from other nations and peoples, but there are a lot of limitations and guidelines to how this support is utilized.

By no means and in no condition will we accept any foreign military intervention inside Libya, even if it was claiming to overthrow Gaddafi’s regime. Any military threat to our people in Libya is considered a threat to all Libyans, thus leading to an escalation of violence that we are observing today in the news. This scenario is not acceptable and will not be tolerated.

The American people have been great hosts to many Libyan refugees, and all of us who have been granted a safe haven in the U.S. appreciate this privilege and will always be indebted to the America people for this. However, in recent history the U.S. administration has not exemplified any good feelings towards Libyans, or any other Muslim nation. Therefore we feel that any intervention by the U.S. government will lead to the extension of the Libya people’s misery. This misery and suffering may be sugar-coated by a fabricated democracy and economic freedom, but this is not the freedom that the Libyan people seek. Libyans are seeking unconditional and uncompromised freedom from any oppression or extortion by whoever it may be, and we will achieve this freedom sooner or later.

We hope that you do not consider the letter you received from the organization called ALFA as a representation of how Libyans feel. This recently formed organization has caused a lot of controversy and dissatisfaction among Libyans everywhere. Libyans are speaking out against this ill-informed initiative, and hope to put an end to it very soon. We thank you for your attention and understanding.

Libyan Living in America

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