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Re: Noor-Han's Letter To Alsature

Hello Noor-Han, All.

Check Alsature's latest spew:

No better proof of ignorance, lack of sensitivity, taste and very poor judgement on his side. I cannot say it can't get any worse, because with Libyans I learned that their creativity in spewing insults here and their has no limits.

I am not sure what his intention is by that piece of tasteless scribble, but here is what I think:

- He either wants to "cover the sun with the sieve" and deviates the readers' attention from the valid points you raised to that you are just another Gaddafi crony who is trying to undermine his artless work and his so-called jehad against the regime.


- He really thinks that there are no Libyan women who would be insulted by his illustrations, and maybe even if there are, they will not speak up against him and his insensitivity and stereotyping. Which is more insulting and degrading to us women.

What bothers me more is the praise he receives here and there, calling him artist, creative, and what-have-you! Did Libyans really lose their sense and perception of what art is, to call such work "pieces of art?" His creativity is null, and if there is a scale for that it will be way down there on the negative side of the scale.

In the interview posted on his site, he claims to teach graphic design. Why on earth would a graphic designer have such a site, that lacks taste, noisy? If anything, his site only reflects that its designer is a novice when it comes to presenting material, just like the rest of his work.

The logical thing to do when someone criticizes you, is to give them the benefit of the doubt and assume they are sincere till proven otherwise. But no, like a typical Libyan male, a woman can't come forward and criticize his work like Noor-Han did, or be insulted by his insensitivity and by putting women down. Anyone who criticizes him is working for Gaddafi. That's the easiest way out! Can't he even tell that the writing style and the absence of offensive slogans is a proof that the writer is not a regime agent?

Of course a lot of people would defend him because he is mujahid for the Libyan cause. Just like what happened with the incident related to Libi 25. When many were justifying his stealing of others work and called it "investment" for our cause! And what's more, Akhbar-Libya, a news outlet that claims to be objective and seeks credibility, insists on considering him "fanan." Aaaah, what a miserable state we have reached. And they tell me our problems will be solved if we get rid of Gaddafi!

Libyan XX

- P.S. This message has been sent to Alsature, Akhbar-Libya and LN&V.

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