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Qadhafi Between Ceausescu And Saddam

Make no mistake about it. Qadhafi is wounded. He may publicly pretend otherwise, but deep in his heart he is bleeding. Would you imagine how it feels to give away 2700 million dollars in order for you to calm the anger of your old enemy? It, really, hurts!

In absolute terms, this amount of money is neither very big nor unprecedented. For instance, few years ago, a jury hit the owner of a sunken oil tanker by the double of this amount for killing scores of sea birds.

Nonetheless, in the case of Qaddafi, this punishment is very painful. That is because the Pan-Am incident was an integral part of his war against the West. And his payment for it, means only two things: His war was wrong. And his war was lost. Moreover, Qadhafi is now in danger of losing completely the support of his basic constituency inside Libya and across the Arab world for losing in shame his old bravado. In their eyes, Qadhafi’s fighting credentials have never been this low. That is a fact. The days of their unconditional support are over. Qadhafi is now standing alone.

His political situation is even far more worse than this. Take a closer look! Shortly before the acceptance of his punishment for Pan-Am 103, Qadhafi has started looking for ways to make others pay for his crime and to reduce the damage to his treasury. He has no intention of cutting back on his extravagant expenses. And it’s almost certain that the first thing Qadhafi is going to do after lifting the UN Sanctions, is to sign a very costly and expensive arms deal to upgrade his ageing arsenal.

Qadhafi also will not cut back on his financial support for rogue organizations around the world. The latest EUREKA of his in this regard, is to let those rogues take hostages first. And then he pays in cash to free them. In short, Qadhafi wants to have his cake and eat it as well.

So to limit and minimize the fiscal damage, Qadhafi has devised a plan. He has raised a bit the price of his export of crude oil to transfer some of the financial burden of his crime to his customers.

But for Qadhafi, the ultimate beast of burden is the Libya people. Right from the start, he instructed them to be frugal. He is shamelessly asking them to manage their life without the oil revenues.

But in this fake and cruel frugality lies his final and fatal MISTAKE.

Qadhafi is so frightened by the fate of SADDAM, that he actually has lost sight of the fate of CEAUSESCU. This foolish ruler is now in real danger of being hit not by the Fourth ID as he fears, but by the worst political unrest in the history of the Arab world. The Libyan people have been waiting for so long for the end of Qadhafi’s wars. And now they are expecting their well-deserved rewards. The old cover of external threat is blown up.

There is no place for Qadhafi to hide or to conceal his economic failure. Prosperity is now. To survive, Qadhafi must locally do exceptionally well. He must locally spend and spend lavishly to pacify the Libyan people now. He cannot have it both ways. Qadhafi cannot be so generous internationally and too cheap and flint-stone locally. The days of Qadhafi’s bravado have long gone. The Libyan people deserve their fair share of prosperity. Qadhafi has no other choice. Either he pays and delivers the goods now, or he will be thrown into the dust-bin of history faster than Saddam.

Ali Bin Typhoon

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