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ALFA; Are They Libyan Kalabys Or Karazys?   (2)

(He who pays the piper calls the tune.) William Schaap

I was amazed to see a die-hard and disarrayed Ex-communist, a frustrated former Muslim Brotherhood member and disappointed, confused pan-Arab nationalist under the same umbrella of American sponsored agency. I don't know if it is a political maturity of the participants in the time where the ideas, rightly, replaced the ideologies.

If, this is the case, I hope this group is a mature enough to think seriously about Libyan sovereignty and listen to the voice of Libyan people, who does not trust the American policies regarding the Arab and Muslim worlds. We, the ordinary Libyans, have the Wright to speak our minds and put under the microscope those people who thinks they know the best for us, and whose actions could entirely change our life and may affect the very existence of our country. I have no intention to insult any of those individuals nor I have any grudges toward their families. It's purely worrisome about our beloved Libya and small token for the debate.

My worry, that, they are opportunists who failed to achieve their goals through their respective ideology and overwhelmed by the events and changes which swept the world today. The are racing against the time, and most of them in their sixties and seventies who are hungry for the power. They want to grasp a piece of Libya before the natural end takes its tool on them, regardless of the price our nation will pay. There is some similarity between them and Colonel Qaddafi. If we look at the Pan-Arab nationalist member, who had been changed in few occasions. He was the son of a refugee, then the son of Mr. Foreign Minister; to the son of martyr and now he wants to be a man of his own even over the shoulders of his father's killers.

The appeal by those, desperate aged men, to the American to support their cause with all means puzzled further by the support of a regionalist (Sad Sheen), who considers the border of his dream country ends at Ajdabya west and Al-Abiyar south and his literature diarrhea calls to kill all Algarabah and called our capital city, Trabulus Aarjoon A-Dhull (The city of shame), he does not forget tajridat Habeeb. Another pillar of the support comes from a neo-Nazi barber nationalist who thinks that Libya was non-Arab country 1500 years ago and should be now. His writing was obvious on this page instigating the hate against the Arabs and Islam and not hesitates to ask for the liquidation of Arabs in a violent way.

ALFA, The Americans don't care that we have nothing, no land no health any education not the right to elect our government nor independent from foreigners. With the American occupation will be no peace for generations. No language but occupation language. No religion but the evangelicalism, with a cross dangling from half naked daughters and sisters neck's.

Democracy for them, for us a puppet government (a banana republic), allow them to exploit our resources, to cut off our links with our history. They will free us to serve them in the nightclubs and to make our beaches a nudist resorts (another Bangkok). What I see, the American government made war on us pursues our harassment, seeking our death our disappearance and our absolute silence. They want our oil and the creation of greater Israel to expedite the return of their messiah.

Ellen Ray said, "The strongest and the only ally of this new U.S triumphalism has been the government of the state of Israel. While many of Bush's key adminstration figures are indeed self proclaimed Zionists, many others are deeply fundamentalist Christians".

Saleh Mansour

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