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Reply To Omar Khattaly

Dear Dr Ibrahim,

I write this letter in reply to Omar Khattaly, since I saw his letter and tried very patintely to understand and or grasp his words that have realy no meaning and made no sense to me or to alot of my friends.

We as Libyan first Arab second Moslems third have no recollection of the history he is talking about, since when that the Barber in Libya is the majority, I just want to tell him that the Red Indian in North America were there first but where are they now, what do they call North America, they do not call it Indian, its either Canada or USA or Maxico. Please stop your propganda about your people and my people, you still live in the past where the history is your motivation and ignorance is your education. We do not need any of your propaganda right now we do not need another problem to divide us and as for these meetings you and people like you have in Washington or New York, they do not represent the Libyan people and it does not solve any of our problems since you discuss such a minor issue that does not affect most of the Libyan people.
And for your information we do not want you and your likes to discuss our future on our behalf, we will rise up one day and we will shut people like you up, because your likes are only trying to disturb our concentration toward our goal which is to bring democracy to our people by any means necessary.

The current goverment in Libya is no worse than you and your likes, personelly I do feel that there was harm done toword the Amazigh but everybody else feels the same way ,we are in the same boat my friend, do not bring out the worst of us by crying and whining.
We as Libyan should stick together toward one goal which is a change in Libya by any means. We should try to bring democracy to Libya by keeping the pressure on, no need for Blood unless its necessary we will pressure the goverment to give the Libyans more freedom and more jobs ,stop the aggresion against Libyans who trying to make thier life better, start some dialoug with the goverment to improve the lives of the Libyan inside the country, stop using the small problems to divide us.
And we shell have more talks soon in Libya in regards to this issue insha' Allah.

Elsaber Mahmoud

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