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Reflections On The D.C Meeting

Not For Everyone

Religious revelations were not for everyone, neither is democracy, nor is human dignity as a right. At least this is what history has taught us in recent times.

Mr. Mohamed El-Jahmi, I commend and applaud your courage and support for the issue of Libya's identity (Tamazight), but my intuition leads me to be cynical in regard to the pompous meeting that took place in D.C.

The final statement of the meeting was by far not an edict, nor will it serve its purpose of overarching the desired tools and principals for a better future in Libya.

Mr. Massinissa has expressed his views and disappointment on the outcome of the meeting, and yes, he is expected to do so, but to use words such as "sabotage"(*) to describe his withdrawal from the conference is rancid. I am surprised at such a circumlocution choice of wording towards an action, which is considered, and accepted as democratic.

You have stated in your letter, "you have failed to mention that there was a referendum and a public vote on whether the term minorities is enough or should we mention the Amazigh explicitly." The term minorities is not enough; neither is the word Amazigh. The only minorities in Libya are Turks, Greeks, Arabs, and Jews. The Amazigh are the true Libyans historically. Libya's current population is largely made up of Arabized Amazigh, and not Arabs. The sooner we come to realize this fact, the closer we will get to a solution for this issue.

As for our brothers - those of Arabic origin - they are the true minority racially. Historians, anthropologists and ethnologists have settled this issue long ago, and in detail by making reference to Arabic migrations in the years 700s and 1095. Only those with a morbid mentality would protest to this fact.

The purpose of my writing is not to give a history listen on our beloved Libya, a true Libyan should know these facts, and without any prejudice, but I would like to take this opportunity to appeal to your sense of patriotism with regard to simple facts on the issue of human rights in Libya.

Human rights are not voted on, they are God-given right at birth. Tamazight is the past, present and the future of Libya. Tamazight is not a paper to be put on a shelf. It is not a document to be signed on a desk. It is not an agenda to be discussed in a circle. It is not a button to wear on a coat. It is the way I live, think, dream and talk. Referendums are for civil laws, not to decide if a human should exist the way he did for thousands of years. The struggle for the right to speak in my tongue is not an agenda, or a conspiracy; it is a need that must be met.

Madam/Sirs: To advocate democracy is to hope for everything, from nothing to everyone without exceptions. I hope for Libya to be free, where everyone is treated equally regardless of ethnicity, religion or gender.

Libya For All Libyans.

Omar Khattaly
(*) Sabotage: Destruction of property or obstruction of normal operations
    Sabotage: Treacherous action to defeat or hinder, a cause or an
    endeavor or deliberate subversion.

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