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Fawzi, The Thoor(*) I Truly Respect!

This is a quick response to Dr. Fathi Al-Fadheli's piece titled "O' Libyans... Clear the Way to Liberal Thinkers.." . It was also featured at: and at:

Clearly, sarcasm was the entry point to this article; "Clear the way..." the writer says. Using Quran and Ahadeeths, Dr. Fathi reminded us of the beauty of our faith, in the main time and with vengeance, he uses his sledgehammer to whack "Bathroom Liberals" -as he calls them- from all directions, setting aside any tangibles in his argument if any to prove them wrong. The article was more of a religious preaching than anything else; it failed to convince me to completely discard and pay no attention to these evil liberals.

While I agree with the writer that Islam has brought good changes to humanity, one can't deny that in addition to a hovering mess, ruthless dictators and gross violation of human rights are commonly found in Muslim countries in general and in Arabs in particular today. Dr. Fathi and many others tell us that this has nothing to do with Islam and it's the people –being not true Muslims- is the cause of all of our troubles. Maybe or maybe not, facts remain that the mess is there and is crying for diagnose point here is we can't and should not deny any one who sees it different. We can, however, hear them, argue their views with them, show them and make them touch, feel and experience the proof first hand –if we have any. We should not label them with tasteless names and we should not attempt to silence them. We should simply debate them with civility. Fawzi's, our "Thoor", notion is to end such practice by respecting the views of others and by adapting law and order where no one should be above them. People who disagree with Fawzi and have strong and convincing evidence to prove him wrong should come forward and let themselves be heard.

Because of similarities, Quite frankly, to the tone of delivery -in this article- I had to reload the article to make sure I was not reading any of the regime's bugles, like Al-shams, Al-jamaheriya, or Al-fejr Al-jadeed where audiovisual of ringing slogans, decorative words and magnified achievements of justice, individual rights and freedom, and all sort of good things, but none I could see, touch or feel.... None I can measure my friends! Thus, it's only natural that our sour present must dictate and push Fawzi, possibly others and I to question and turn every rock in pursuit of answers and explanations. WHY? Nations with compatible mess have poverty to blame but what do we have to blame? What is it that we are missing or better yet, what went and continue to go wrong within us? Fawzi speaks of law and order with emphasis on human rights and on the respect of one's thoughts; nothing wrong there, the wrong is some people are bend on silencing him and on calling him and others names and even consider them to be a byproduct and dwellers of bathrooms "mezz-bala". The faith I know, Islam, tells me to hear them and give them a respectful ear, pray for them and ask Allah (swt) to give them guide-ness and not to shut them up. So what if someone tells us what we don't want to hear about our faith. Is our faith so fragile that can be easily hurt or shaken by any questioning? Should we feel threatened by Fawzi or whoever questions our faith and whom we believe in and worship?

I would have likely read the article and stayed put, had the writer balanced what he pushed on me; mind you, the writer own self is enjoying the atmosphere laid down by no one but the secularists and the Liberals. He could have presented his readers with a mix of meat and bones of both sides; liberals/secularists and their calls and flaws, and, his school of thoughts and its benefits instead of foul language on the first and glorified slogans on the second. He should have showed us the good with the bad things in what Fawzi brings us, but choosing to ignore Fawzi's stance on human rights, stance on the current regime in our home, stance on law and order that governs all citizens and completely ignoring Fawzi's sufferings and act ivies in pursuit to make a deference, the writer had moved, in my opinion, his article to the unbalanced bin – articles, quite honestly, insult my little intelligence!

I would like to ask Dr. Fathi on whether or not of any attempts to write and voice his discomfort to people like Gorden Liddy, Rush Limbaugh, Dr. Laura Schlesinger, Michael Savage on the national level to name few of talk-show hosts around the country who are slicing the Muslim faith, with no mercy, into pieces and far worse than our "Thoor"? And if so, could he share with us the language he used; or is it, I wonder, enta'lem lehsana fi roos leetama?

Until Fawzi Abduhameed started to write here on LN&V, I did not and still don't know him, never met him and never heard of him but I have always read his articles. My views in this piece are based only on his writing. I do have thoughts on what I think is connected to the hand that maneuvers his pen, and giving Fawzi the benefit of the doubt that all of the tales of his encounters and experiences with the injustice in our home are true and of his ideas and activities to fix things, on which he often writes, I can say: Fawzi, in my opinion, is a Doer, has the guts to tell it like it is and most importantly, unlike the sleepy religious pretenders in us, Fawzi fears none and does and delivers what he says!

To people who are, at times uncivil, arguing Fawzi'a views I say this: You are welcome to argue Fawzi's views but do keep in mind that Fawzi possesses skin of his own and I very much doubt any of you will volunteer his/hers as a substitute in the Day of Judgment to relieve him from the slashing and the whipping. I doubt that Allah (swt) will accept anything else but Fawzi to answer for his own deeds and receive points to match his credit. I doudt that Dr. Ibrahim will be liable and be questioned of what Fawzi and others think or write on this page. Fawzi is entitled, just like you and I, to his views and has all the rights to question anything and everything he wishes to question. Fawzi's faith is between him and his God, but his activities here on earth have sure earned my admiration!

So far, you, dear reader, have not and you won't hear anything negative from me about my faith, Islam, but if you wish to associate me with Fawzi I have this to say: Yes our "Thoor" has earned my true respect and I rather be in his company and have him for a neighbor than a 1000 religious fanatics who are unsure about their faith and who seem to think that their faith is so fragile and can be shaken by what Fawzi or any say or do!

And finally, in the last paragraph, Dr. Fathi writes, " I am not defending Islam, for, Islam is in no need of any defenders" I am troubled by the first part but I do agree with the second. As for my piece; no hard feelings; I am in support of Fawzi and in what he does...few more of him will guarantee a measurable difference and may even speed up the transformation to a better result in our home!

Peace to Dr. Fathi, Fawzi and to you all!


(*) While most of the world (including I) uses it to complement one's strength and gutsy personality, calling someone an ox or a bull is meant to have derogatory intentions in the Libyan norms – its commonly used in its eastern region (the two parties involved knew it well). I wish the writer had refrained from and did not stoop to name-calling. What is next... whacking Dr. Ibrahim for allowing Fawzi's writing to appear on LN&V as previous letters suggested?

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