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Forum For Libyan Democracy (UK)

This is to announce that on behalf of some committed Libyans we are preparing to start a study forum for discussing all issues of Democracy.

For almost all of us living in the west we have witnessed democracy at work. We have seen how governments change peacefully and how it is practiced in real life by individuals and the civil society. We also witnessed recently and in dramatic ways the exact opposite of democracy!

As Libyans we must confess that however much we may like to be democrats and see democracy established and rule our lives; as individuals and as a society, we have a great deal to learn yet how to apply the democratic ways and means in running our affairs. The democratic culture of tolerance and respect was never encouraged or cultivated amongst ourselves mainly because of our tribalism, intolerance, narrow-mindedness, selfishness and hypocrisy. It must be emphasised that to be a democrat means to be cultured, educated and have full respect for each others views, however different.

We aim to achieve a huge change in mentality, perceptions and behaviour. We are under no illusion that this task will be easy to achieve. Thirteen years ago when I called for and established the short lived AL Multaqa Al Libi Lel Hewar, I wrote: “it will take us generations to change and achieve tangible results just by sitting and talking to each other without any artificial barriers, but it must be done”. The world we live in today is different from 13 years ago; and with commitment and perseverance I believe we stand a good chance of accomplishing our objectives.

We will be discussing the processes of democracy, its history and philosophy. We will also be looking at the different applied forms of democracy around the world.

Many of our discussions will be based on some respected text books and we will be inviting specialists and respected democrats to shed plenty of light on this complex and wide subject.

It must be stressed that this is not a political grouping of any kind and has no political agenda whatsoever.

We will meet once every 2 months and we will publish all the results of our discussions in a yearly journal.

Participation is by invitation only. Those who would like to participate (males and females) must apply by writing (email) in short describing why they want to take part in this forum. We especially would like to hear from the younger generation living in the UK as well as from the older generation who consider themselves to be real democrats.

The Languages for all our discussions will be both in Arabic and English.

Khaeri Aboushagor

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