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There Should Be No Reconciliation With Gadafi

The fall of Sadam Hussein and the subsequent reaction of some Libyans surprise me. According to the letter from Ahad Abna' al-Mahjar (dated 4/18/2003), Mr. Sahad (head of NFSL) and others agreed in a public conversation on Al-Manara that they would put political differences aside and fight with the Gadafi regime, if the US decides to remove the Libyan regime through an invasion. The logic Mr. Sahad and others used is: "An invasion is an attack on Libya and the national interests requires that he and others stand united despite political differences with Gadafi". Currently Libya is under sanctions, so why not go back and fight with Gadafi? As far as I know he hasn't banned anyone from going back.

I find it alarming that some Libyans are willing to surrender to Gadafi after all the crimes that he committed since his rule started in 1969. Gadafi is a paranoid schizophrenic who should be committed to a mental institution and not in charge of a country. He instituted a feudalistic system in Libya, where he and his family rule with impunity, thus everything in Libya has become their rightful possessions. As an example of the weirdness of Gadafi's family; his son El-Saadi recently paid 300,000 Euros for the rights to scrimmage with a European soccer team. I find it amusing that the planet has a fool who is willing to pay a large sum of money for the privilege to play a poor man sport like soccer. It is sad that a total freak like El-Saadi has the authority to spend public money to pay people to watch him play soccer. Americans have three interesting sayings "The apple doesn't fall far from the tree", "Garbage in equals Garbage out" and "There is a sucker born everyday", Why am I surprised? The wicked son has wicked roots. I won't bore you with any more examples of the abuses of the Gadafi clan, because one frame fits all without exception.

The question I have then is, has Gadafi so badly projected his low self-worth on Libyans and enslaved them for so long, that they are willing to die for him after all the crimes that he has committed?

I am not claiming that I have been in the foxhole longer than Mr. Sahad nor am I attempting to incite people against him or others who agree with him. I am simply stating my personal opinion like he did.

In summary I believe that Libyans have nothing to discuss with Gadafi. The situation between Libyans and Gadafi has evolved beyond a simple political dispute, because it has entered the criminal phase a long time ago and in a court of law Gadafi has only two plea options; either total insanity or guilty. Therefore, there should be no reconciliation with this sociopath. As a result we must work with any power that is willing to help Libyans bring democratic reforms to their country and rid the world from despicable tyrants like Gadafi.

Mohamed El-Jahmi

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