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Kul Qerba Etqa-tter 'Ala Sha-yelha...

The old and wise man that freely roamed the grayish prairies of ours, Libya, uttered, among many, the above saying. Nature, means of living and his surroundings were his only school. They offered raw material for our observant grandfathers and grandmothers to set the fair and practical rules for their survival. It's all up to the carrier, they said, to keep his hide dry or to soak it wet. It's his and only his choice to deliver as much precious water as possible or make his half-day waterhole trip as worthless as the evaporated water drops on his hide. How true, my friends, and how advanced they were in thinking of and recognizing the rights of others? With little did they knew, no different, if you ask me, than Thomas Jefferson and his company for bringing the governing document to their land (the constitution of the USA) to life, unfortunately, we paid no attention to our elders and to their experiences. What we did however is twisting it and modifying it to fit only our entertaining end of the said experience!

Ok, ok... get to the butter, you may ask... I will... just hold the string for me, will you?

Few writers, a couple of them in particular (I would like to withhold the names), here on Dr. Ibrahim Ighneiwa LNV, who are very active and post on almost every single update of this page continue to pin and dump all the blame on Sirt, as though a giant bulldozer is most needed to push it into the sea and with that, all of our misery is drowned and buried forever. Once in awhile, other writers who follow suit pop-up here too. They write or send letters hinting that we should take it even further by wanting to import few of these bulldozers and station them around the country, in preparation to push Werffala among other towns and bury them into the sand. You can view a sample of this at:

Mr. Ali Abd-alrahman,

Unless you live in Swaziland, on one of its long dirt road, with no electricity, no phone lines, no TV, no newspaper and never communicated with any of your countrymen, you would have known that Bani-Walid has been enduring stiff and harsh treatment by the regime, from executing some of its people including teenagers, exhuming the corpses of elderly men, demolishing homes to uprooting families (women and children to God only knows where). Do you think its some kind of reword to the local thugs or is it a punishment to some of its sons who are rejecting Qadaffi in the open. If it's the second, and it sure is, do you think actions of a thug or two should overshadow the work of a martyr and the suffering of his family so you can label them the same? How can you, or anyone for that matter, call for democracy or hint to the building of civil society in the same time you mix the good with the bad and call them all bad? How can that be any different from Qadaffis's instituted collective punishment where the family pays for its sons deeds?! If you have evidence or know of some flan bin a'llan who happened to be from Werffalla, Tazerboo or from wherever and who is active in doing people's harm, why don't you name that individual and spare us from labeling the rest of his people.... His people are not suffering less than yours!

It sure leaves me un-easy and take great offense in labeling the whole town or tribe, be it Werffela or any of Libya's tribes including Qadadfa by the action of one or few, for I personally know one of the Warffeli sons and another Qaddafi who did what you and I couldn't do and paid for it dearly.

Our late writer Al-Sadiq Al-Naihume once wrote, "Israel is a wild shrub; grew and flourished due to the farmer's absence"...He likely meant Libya's shrub too, won't you say? Your attempt to break down the root causes of keeping Qadaffi and his tails bouncing on our chests is a good try but far from of being fair and balanced. While I agree with you that Werffala has its share of ruthless thugs that serve Qadaffi just like your own town and the rest of Libya, pinning all of our trouble on one group is not healthy at all, in fact it does more of a damage than you think, it fans the flame of divide among us; something Qaddafi is sure favors to see!

It is not Qaddafi, my friend, nor is his wood cutters, robe pullers, antennas, yokat or whatever we called them now-a-days and sure is not the next-door half-educated, policeman who is doing his best to feed a family of 10 hungry mouths, who are prolonging the current mess; it is the selfish you Mr. Abdu-alrahman and the selfish I "collectively" who adopted the akh-ta rassi ou quss way of living! The blame rests squarely on all of us for doing very little to change it, Mr. Abdu-alrahman!

I challenge you, dear Ali, to look at your town/village/city or to whatever your linkage is and not finding a hard-core revolutionary trash with record, from daqdaq to asalamu a'aleekum, of abuse and terror to people you know; else and you will agree with me, the camel sees it's own neck as straight as it could be!

Still holding on rass al-khait?

The idea, my friends, why some of us would even think that a group of eight traveling men should have their hides soaking wet when only one of them is carrying al-qerba?


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