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Terrorist Activities Hurt Muslims Everywhere

Dear Dr Ibrahim,

Elsalam Alikom wa rahmet Allah

In the name of Islam terrorists strike again in Saudi Arabia, the land of all Muslim People, the Land of our beloved Mohammed (S A A W S), the land that saw the first light of the true Islam and from there we saw an empire of true democratic society that it was an idol for billions of people.

We all know that Allah in his Book (The Quran) adviced all Muslims all beings not to kill any innocent soul that is not carrying a weapon to kill you or to kill your family or to harm you in any way or shape; but here we go again a group of 9 Muslim people wasted their lives and committed a crime against innocent people who have no means of making a political decision to change the situation in the Middle East or in the Muslim world.

What a shame! The muslim lives that we have lost for the past 20-30 years in the suicide terrorist activities could have changed the Muslim world by educating Muslims and prepare them for the new century.

We should fight our dictators that led us to where we are today; we should forget America and the Western world and concentrate on our first and closest enemies inside of us, we should change ourselves before we blame others for our failure. We are to blame for all that happened to us in the past and present centuries. We choose the wrong way out, we let a punch of murders lead our way, we let these dictators decide our fate.

My Friends, we should be ashamed of ourselves. What are we going to say to our kids? Are we going to teach them that killing innocent people is the answer? Are we going to lie to them and say Islam allows these terrorist acts or are we going to change our faith by ourselves in the name of Allah and build our way ourselves. No need to kill unless we are defending ourselves, no need to create enemies to justify our failure like the dictators that we are allowing them to rape our dignity and betray our religion and our beliefes.

We should start from within ourselves and teach our kids well, show them the way the right way that all other nations know. We know we have enemies but our first enemy is our selves, we have to change ourselves to change others and this is the first step.

My friends, the time has come, our faith is in our hands; we either choose our way ourselves or let these bastards decide it for us and then we have nobody to blame but ourselves.

Good Men are those who shape their way by their own hands and blame no one for their failure.

Thank you and God Bless.

El-Saber Mahmoud

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