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Response To Mr. Al-Ejdabi

Dear Mr. Al-Ejdabi:

Thank you for reading my letter and responding to it. I believe that all Libyans have responsibility of saving our country from an impending American invasion. Those of us outside of Libya are not exempt of shouldering their responsibilities, and utilizing whatever means available to them. I agree with you that the west has not been kind to us. However, I attribute this to the corrupt regimes in the Arab world for failing to utilize their resources to promote their causes. We, as people, have failed to articulate our causes, and generally have done disservice to most of them. I do not blame all our problems on the west, I blame most of them on ourselves. We have to change first before we can change others.

As far as contacting other international institutions and organizations, I believe this to be critical for us, and should be done without hesitation. However, other nations have their interests, and we have the interest of Libya at heart. We must be intelligent to avoid being trapped into serving others at our own expense. I believe that we have the intelligence, the will, and political skills to extract vital concessions and support for our cause. We must not be fearful in dealing with others; if we do not take risks, we will never accomplish any gains.

Although I have been in the west for many years, I have not and will not forget my Libyan roots. I am retired professor of statistics, and do not aspire for fame, position, or any role. My sole aspiration is to help save Libya from an impending disaster, and spare Libyans a similar tragedy that has befallen Iraq. Although I welcome and understand your concerns, I fail to see what any friend or member of my family have to do with the issues that I have raised. I am old enough, at 65 years, to speak for myself and be responsible for my views. Please continue the debate; it will only enrich all of us and teach us civil discourse.


Mohammed M. Bugaighis, Ph.D

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