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To Mr Bugaighis

Dear Mr Bugaighis

Re- your letter entitled: Libya in the eye of the storm

I appreciate your call to Libyans inside and outside Libya to take the New World Emperors' threats seriously. The Zionist appointed government of USA (Not elected, as we all know what happened in Florida last election) is serving the illegitimate state of Israel only as far as the Arab countries are concerned. The Congress (the majority of its members are totally supporting the apartheid state of Israel). Follow AIPAC activities and you will see.

I am like you been out of Libya for many years and have a British citizenship and many other Libyans in other countries in the same situation. The politicians in these countries are more or less the same as in the US. It is always what benefits can be gained for themselves either personally and/or for their party/country. Their idea of people like us is that we are not as patriotic as the Anglo-Saxon and some times considered a threat. We were only naturalised citizens because we took advantage of their immigration laws.

The general plan for the American Empire is total domination of every nation on this planet. Those nations who have oil & gas come on top of the list. Libya is a place that interests the US very much. The US and their Zionist partners brought Gathafi to rule the Libyans. (And if Mr Waheed Bugaighis is related to you (ex- NOC chairman) he would tell you more about the regime and the Americans).

Such a fool would not have succeeded in 1969 in controlling Libya if the US didn't approve. No American interest or the west in general have suffered since Gathafi came to rule, in fact he served them very well. The engineering consultant to the biggest project in Libya (man-made river) is Brown & Roots. The Oil Company Halliburton is another one that have a monopoly in Libya. Oxy, the Jewish owned oil company, The Main oilfield equipment purchasing companies Umm Al Jawaby in London, Medoil in Germany, Umm Al Jawby Houston (now closed) that employ thousands of Europeans (not Libyans) spend millions of dollars in European economies. This does not include banks (such as the one that Waheed is working for in Houston) and joint ventures and investment joints all over the world. The Libyans do not benefit from their wealth. The Dictator is serving Israel extremely well by getting rid of all its Palestinian enemies, fuelled the in-fightings in Lebanon, kidnapping of Musa Al-Sadder and so on. The crimes committed by this thug against Libya and the Arab/Muslim nations are endless.

The Libyans must not contact congressmen/senators to save them from Gathafi. The American and the west are part of the problem. They gave him legitimacy. The Libyans must lobby our own people and select leaders who are able to represent us and to lead the change. I know there are many Libyans inside and outside Libya who are capable of leading the people to a democratic and law abiding state, even if we had to utilise the constitution and the political frame that existed before the catastrophe of 1969.

Finally, I think you have been away from Libya and your Arab culture and perhaps under the spell of the CNN/FOX News and the rest the Net Works as well as the American way of life. I know exactly how you may see things. I too graduated from an American University, but those days are behind me now. (Ma ehekk dhahrk illa thufrek). I am sorry if understood you wrongly.


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