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What A Waste!

Dear brothers and sisters, peace upon you.

It's really funny when I come across and read some letters which have been posted by individuals who claim to be intelectuals or by those organizations who claim to free libya and its people from tyrany regime and dictatorship government.

All of those people and after almost half century of destruction and miserable life in countries such as Libya or Iraq, they now claim that they are denouncing and condemning the US-led campaign to free Iraq from a brutal tyrant that has no different qualities from Libya's tyrant in both chemical and physical properties.

The joke is, after all these years, people had been killed, dignities have been raped, nothing worse and notorious than what's been done.

Now, those writers and organizations claim support for such regimes like Iraq, and the ironic thing is all of those people live and enjoy their lives in those countries who they claim to be "our enemies". on contrary, most of the Iraqi people are welcoming this enemy and awaiting for the moment to get rid of the monoster, I find this very hypocritical especailly for those who claim to be opposition (the enemy didn't drag those individuals and organazations to live in sinful lands).

Some claimed that Saddam is a very intelligent person, and others said that Iraqis are tough fighters (:...what are you talking about guys? wake up and smell the coffee!, after all these years, paying the price of living away from your country and loved ones, you are still thinking in this manner?? what a waste.

I personally would welcome the US troops if they reach Libay to get rid of Libya's monestor, and I don't buy all of what you are saying, because all what you say is just illusions and dreams and you can't do anything but bla bla bla bla.

Gaddafi has been in power for almost 35 years now, none of you is doing anything, you just have to enjoy your burgers and barbeque, nobody forced you to tell us such stories.

If the Iraqi people are happy and welcoming the US troop, let them do so, it's not your business to get your nose sticking there, and if Libyans wanting to welcome the US troop to free them from this misreble life, I don't want to hear any comments from any other nation whether they were Iraqis or Egyptions, becuase Libya is not their business, every nation has its own problems and nobody really cares.

When Saddam was killing his own people with muster gas and chemicals, nobody said anything ,and when Gaddafi was hangging his people like if he was hangging chicken, nobody cared, so let's just live our life the way we wanted and let's say welcome to the US and welcome to the zs and welcome to the yu and if there is any other alphapet that fits the description and has interets in Libya and willing to benefit Libyans in return, then I welcome them loudly and I don't want to hear any bullshit stories. I personally do not see any problem if any body is willing to have a mutual interests in Libya and its resources. Enough hunger, enough bloodshed, enough suffering, enough torturing, enough Gaddafi, enough playing with people emotions, enough she'arat, enough bullshit, time is running out and we are still backward people.

A former Libyan who fled hunger, torture, and Gaddafi and his gang

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