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The Facts On The Iraqi Soil

Dear brothers and sisters

Assalamo Alykom Warhmatollah

We are all watching what is going on in Iraq day by day and how our Iraqi brothers are doing against the coalition enemy troops who are shocked because they thought that they will reach Baghdad in short period of time probably three days, but the Iraqi resistance brought their memory back to the days of Vietnam.

The other thing there are few signs that could prove that Allah SWT is supporting our brothers in Iraq against his enemies, the Americans and the British forces, one of them that very tough sand storm when the war has started! So the coalition troops were completely out of control and started to open the fire against each other! Also think about that old Iraqi man in his sixties that shot down a new Abatchi Helicopter with very old Russian gun.

Also all the coalition troops now are in fear after they have seen their war prisoners in the TV and this will never make them able to fight the brave Iraqi people face to face! * They just can open the fire from the sea using their missiles or to kill the civilians by the tanks and to use their modern aircrafts, despite all of that they have lost lots of their equipments including the latest kinds of arms with many different high specialities and they are afraid of death but our brothers feel very tranquil because they know that they will be victors or martyrs.

If you are following the war hour by hour you can find that the coalition troops are much more confused than before and it seems that they are fighting without any planning because all the plans and the expectations failed on the Iraqi soil as we have seen, except bombing Baghdad and some places from the sea or by air.

On the other hand in Northern Iraq the Americans thought that they would use that place as a military base for them without any problem but suddenly they found big difficulties with the Turkish Administration, and between the Kordish and the Turkish also there are many between the Kordish themselves because of their futuristic greed and the fear of the Turkish domination.

Therefore I think that anyone can read the recent circumstances and who is right and who is wrong in this conflict and with whom Allah is going to be standing by.

May Allah bless and help more and more our brave brothers in Iraq against the sly, vile and arrogant enemies. AMEEN.

Rashad el-Ghaithe

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