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What Is Fawzi Up To?

All praise is due to Allah Taala and peace be upon our beloved Prophet Mohammad.

I share hundreds and thousands of Libyans their deep disappointments and utter anger about what Fawzi Abdelhameed writes on this page. He consistently attacks Islam and the Shariah, which is the MOST valuable thing in our lives. I really could not understand why has this person kept spreading his sickness to thousands of people through the internet and I also could not understand why our beloved brother who is in charge of the Letters has allowed him to do so. If we understand that this Fawzi is simply sick, why do others help him spread his sickness? When SARS sickens somebody, authorities are required to quarantee the sick person to prevent him from spreading his/her sickness. If this is the case with sickness of the body, I believe a similar treatment is required of those who are sick in heart!

I have three advises, if I may, and a "Thank You" note. The three advises are:

1) To Mr. (I hope I can say, Brother) Fawzi:

Repent to Allah before it is too late. I am from Benghazi and I know you (or at least of you). I wish you well and that is why I hope that Allah Taala will guide you to realize that what you are doing is extremely evil. I know that you are in the early to mid 60's of age. Death could strike any one of us any moment. Please reassess what is left in your life and always be on the side of Allah and His religion.

2) To Brother Dr. Ibrahim:

May Allah Taala reward you for your efforts and dedication. You are a dear brother and I love for you what I love for my self. By posting most (if not all) of Mr. Fawzi's letters, I am afraid you are his partner in his continuous and evil attack against Islam and our beloved Prophet (PBUH). It is really strange that you post at the beginning of the Letters page that "any letter that contains filthy language will not be posted". I totally agree with this policy. But why you do not apply this good policy to Fawzi's letters! His letters are the filthiest in substance not just in language! And, as such, they are the most damaging.

3) To our beloved Libyans:

The ONLY salvation is in adhering to Islam in every aspect of our lives. We have reached to this very low level because we have gotten away from Islam. Ghadafi would have never been able to ruin our lives and our country had we been TRUE Muslims in words AND in deeds. Do not listen to any voice that calls for further departure from Islam. Such voices, like that of Mr. Fawzi, will inflict further damages on us all and on our country. Indeed, Fawzi and Ghadafi are no different in their fight against our dignity and honor!

As to the "Thank You" note, it is for Nasih Ameen who wrote a very beautiful letter posted on this page on June 2. In that letter, he eloquently and very convincingly exposed the lies and unfounded accusations of Mr. Fawazi in one of his latest assault against Islam. Br. Nasih Ameen also correctly explains the true meaning of "secularism" or "anti-religion" that Mr. Fawzi keeps propagating on this page. I wish to express my sincere thanks and admiration to our beloved Br. Nasih Ameen, may Allah Taala reward you abundantly.

Wassalamu Alaa mun Ittabaa al-Hoda.


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