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Atlantic Council Report

Dear Dr. Ibrahim

I saw your post of the Atlantic Council report and I was really dismayed. I had hoped that you would post the complete report which included my reservations to it on page 39 Appendix B. I am the first person on that page and I have three paragraphs. My objections are part of the report and they should be posted to prevent anyone from reaching wrong conclusions as that individual who wrote to Bush did. I look forward to seeing the error corrected. And just in case getting the report is too difficult to acquire here is what was sent and appended to the report. Thank you and please remain in peace.

Mansour O. El-Kikhia

I find this document appropriate; it covers a wide range of topics in Libyan-U.S. relations. However, I also feel that there are a few issues worth consideration that are either de-emphasized or are omitted in the final product. The first of these is the internal milieu. The Libyan state is an absolute dictatorship where repression is embedded in the legal, social, and political systems. If promoting democracy is to number among the top U.S. priorities in the Middle East, then this is an issue that needs to be dealt with more thoroughly.

Secondly, a reader of this report must give particular scrutiny to those parts of the document in which the words of the Libyan leader appear to be accepted at face value. This is not necessarily a wise policy because past experience has taught the United States that the Libyan leader's words are not to be relied upon. Hence, it is important to reiterate the report's conviction that Libya will be judged by its actions not by the Libyan leader's ephemeral words. It is imperative that the United States only re-establish links with the responsible and accountable institutions of the Libyan state.

Finally, a reader of this report should clearly understand that resolving the issues surrounding the Lockerbie bombing is not meant to constitute a quid pro quo for wiping the slate clean with Libya. Resolving the bombing is only the first of many steps that Libya must take toward seriously modifying its domestic and global behavior."

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