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Reply To Mr Juma al-Gumati

Dear Sir,

After reading your letter on this site, to me you are well informed about the Libyan situation, may I advice you to consider the following:

1- We all Libyans know that there is at the this time a group of exiled Libyans entering into a dialogue with Saif El-Eslam Gaddafi the Son of the dictator of Libya, also we know all the names that really involved and others waiting the result of such dialogue. It is not in the benefit of our struggle to load all the wrong doings for the past 33 years of the dictatorship rule in Libya on the Revolutionary Committees and other parties involved, but all on Gaddafi himself and his closest aides and associates.

2- In your letter you should first point where the finger should be pointed at (Gaddafi) and now his sons and closest aids, it is not going to serve the Libyan struggle to explain and describe the Libyan case like what you did, I hope in your next letter you will describe the situation more accurately and honestly and point your finger at where the problems accrued (like for example mentioning Gaddafi and his sons and closest associated.)

3- You know as well as we all know that Libya has been ruled and controlled by one dictator and further more he was the only person responsible for the creation and encouraging of destroying Libya all these years, what is the logic now to skip even mentioning his name and his sons names on you letter. No explanation to that, but of the view that it is saying Libyans can live with the present of Gaddafi and indeed his sons and only what so called the Revlyotionery Committees will be punched for all crimes that were committed against our people in and out side Libya during the past 33 years, if you are of this point of view there is no harm to indicate it clearly in your next letter.

4- Such Libyans of this point of view (with the respect to them) only serve the continuation of Gaddafi's regime in Libya, and as time passes they will also be responsible for their act in the future.

5- Also if I may say that Rasoul Allah Mohammed Alaih Afdal AlSalam himself suffered and passed through a time of weakness and lack of support, but He Alaihe Afdal AlSallam did not give up, simply because He Alaihe Afdal AlSAlam believed he has the Right (AL-HAK). We after 33 years will never give up as I tell you because We believe We have the Right (AlHak).

6- Just a quick reminder Gaddafi will still be the Only person Responsible for all Crimes against Libyans in and out side Libya, also for the Crimes Against Humanity World Wide and above all for the his insult of Islam and our Prophet Mohammed Alaihe Afdal Alsalam.

7- My advice to you (as you are well informed about the Libyan issue) and you have such good writing skills to use your skills to write more letters and pin point Gaddafi and his Sons and closest associates, because their will no Free Libya while Gaddafi and His Sons are still in Power.

Omar Abu-Ajailah

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