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The War On Iraq

Dear Dr Ibrahim,

May Allah Bless you and Bless Us all.

I am not a writer but since this War started I have been thinking about my brothers and sisters in Iraq may Allah lead them to peace and victory, so I decided to write and express my Opinion.

The story behind this war started a few years a go, when Bill Clinton was the president in USA.
A few Strong American Leaders that make policies in the US, started the movment to invade Iraq and change the goverment in Iraq since the mid 90s for different reasons some of which are legtimate but most are not; here are some of the reasons the way I see it:

  1. The Total domination of the world economy, since Iraq have a very good stratigic location where its in the heart of the Arabian Golf and in the heart of the Eastern Arabic World where the Ameriacans will dominate the area and control the Arab and non Arab states that surround Iraq like Syria , Jordan, Iran, Saudia Arabia, Turkey and all the Golf States beside Lebanon and Palestine, to do that they have to change Iraq's leadership that have been defiant for a long time to the Americans.

  2. The security of Israel and the Middle East peace process (The Road Map), the American administration for so long tried to have peace in the Middle East but could not due to Isarel's demand to be secured from the strong Moslem States Like Iraq, Iran, Libya and Syria, and Iraq especially because of its technology , strong Army, intelligent people and have a good natural resources like Oil and Water.

  3. The oil, as everybody knows that Iraq has the second largest reserve oil in the world, where the American Companies would love to put thier hands on that oil, especially Dick Chaney and Bush Senior with thier oil companies.

  4. When these strong American leaders (Hawks) talked to Bill Clinton in regards to this issue he could not justify an invasion of Iraq back then, and as we all know the democrats in the US are not War lovers like the Repuplicans, but when Bush Jr came to power by stealing the votes, those ( Hawks) took advantage of the fact, that Bush hates Saddam because he tried to kill his father and convinced him to invade Iraq.

  5. They use the term that Saddam is a dictator which we all know is true but so are other world leaders.

This is the way I see it and I am convinced that Iraq is the first stop and the next move depend on how this war ends.

Thank you Dr Ibrahim and please excuse my spelling mistakes.


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