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Who Is Behind It?

Dear Libyan brothers and sisters
Assalamo Alekom

I was thinking really deeply about what that American man had asked Mr Jaballah Mousa: {For what reason the Bulgarian staff in Benghazi hospital used the HIV against the children?}.

I think no one have any interest to do any thing against an innocent child, however and whatever the reason is.

So how about destroying hundreds of children's lives by using the HIV against them! Why? and Where? In our hospital! It is some thing really can't be understood!

In the western world the people can find a perfect help in the hospitals for any problem. But our children went to Benghazi children hospital for simple reasons, to get one of the biggest health disasters in the recent history!

Who is behind the hospital staff? Why did they do that? What was the reason? For whom did they do it? It is some thing truly driving me crazy not only Mr Jaballah Mousa, with out finding even a single answer!

First and finally if there's any responsible person for that or any one to blame for what happened, is that unacceptable Emperor –Elghathafi- {May God take him very soon} Why?! simply, for the following reasons:

1- Who ordered to bring this staff from that former socialist country -Bulgaria-?
2- In which reign our country had become like a zoo {lawless country}?
3- In which era justice, law, and the observation had desappeared?
4- Is there any health observation in Elghathafi's reign?
5- Who is executing our people inside and outside the country?
6- Who does not care about this case and closing his eyes to the facts?
7- In which era we had become unprotected inside and outside Libya?
8- Who did bring us to the brink of political, financial, social, psychological and economical ruins?

I really feel very sad and very upset for what happened and what's happening since 33 years, and only Allah will change this guy because my people are used to sleep and dream about that day. I know that; I am one of them. But at the end of the day I am writing with my real name.

Wassalam Alekom

Rashad el-Ghaithe

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