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Libyan Demonstration In New York, NY, USA

Dear Libyans and all human rights supporters all over the world:

Sunday, September 1, 2002 will lower the curtain on three decades of dictatorial rule by the regime of Col. Mu'ammar Gaddafi in Libya. Under oppression, Libya has been transformed from a prosperous developing country into a state of corruption and disorder. Thirty years of social, political and economic mutilation have wasted Libya's human and natural resources, and in return produced a disfigured regime that is preoccupied with self-preservation at all costs.

The Organizing Committee for the September Demonstration calls upon all who stand for justice and freedom in Libya, to join and support the protest against the continuing abuses of human rights by the Gaddafi regime.

Under the banner of revolution, the Gaddafi regime monopolized human needs in Libya. Abusing basic rights and outlawing private activities made the individual citizen totally dependent and at the mercy of a myth called "Alfateh Revolution." The economic and social subjugation of the masses, whether separately or in conjunction with each other, was no more evident than when the survival of the regime was threatened. It was always deemed appropriate to safeguard the so-called accomplishments of the failed system, at the expense of everything else.

Under a thirty-year pretense of nationalism and utter hallucinations of grandeur, the regime worked to secure its hold on power by choking the Nation's wealth, hijacking the media and outlawing political opposition, and dissolving basic human rights of all Libyans. Today, Libyans stand to lose more rights and resources, under new banners and empty slogans. While deliberately neglecting basic societal needs such as education, health and human services, the regime's only evident commitment is to shoring up its crumbling skeleton.

It is time for Libyans abroad to take an active part in ending Libya's 33-year misery. Libyans have suffered too long and paid dearly for crimes committed by the Gaddafi regime against them and in their name. We will continue to pay, and can be subject to extortion by foreign governments, as long as we are ruled by a despotic dictator who is ready to sacrifice all in return for his survival. We strongly encourage all parties with evidence of Gaddafi's personal involvement in terrorist acts, to pursue him and bring him to justice. The long-term interests of Libya and its partners can only be reliably protected under conditions of law and order that are cultivated through unwavering respect for justice and human rights. We also fully recognize that Libyans are responsible for defining and protecting their own rights and interests.

We call upon all able and concerned Libyans to join the September Demonstration as an expression of consensus against the intolerable abuses of human rights in Libya by the Gaddafi regime. It is time for Libyans to speak the truth on their own behalf, time for us to live up to our ideals and act on our cherished beliefs, and time to meet our historic obligations in ending the oppression and destruction of our country.

We will hold a demonstration in front of The Libyan Mission to the United Nations (309 E. 48th Street, New York, NY) on Sunday, September 1st, 2002 at 11:00am until 2:00pm.

May Allah bless you all and our home land "Libya".

The Organizing Committee

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