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Toward A Civil Democratic Society

Dear brothers and sisters

The political debate is live and kicking among Libyan opposition groups of different political, theological and ideological persuasions; a sign of maturity of Libyan thinking. The debate's high point is heated up by the latest political, theological ideological debate between M. Buisier and Muhager which started by the widely talked about "M. Buisier's Letter" which comprises a set of fundamental questions directed to the Libyan Islamic Group which until now and after three replies failed to give a satisfactory answers to the set of fundamental questions according to M. Busier last reply.

I would like to take this opportunity to make few comments with respect to all thinkers. I am an alternative thinker and I have been described by many Libyan thinkers as a crank, loose canon and a dreamer... etc, which I rarely pay any attention to; in my belief there no publicity that is bad publicity; so why bother?

My thinking is based on the belief that "In order to think of ideologies for mankind and before starting you must first study human nature. The real thinker must base his or her thinking on understating human nature first".

Libya's geographical position which is very close to a verity of cultures and religions. Libya and all of the North Africas states have never at any time in history been theological states; or states based on religion, and for this simple reason the argument of many thinkers is why trying to achieve the impossible and why waste time to form a theological state or ideological state e.g. the Sanousy movement or the Green Book.

As we all know, Libyans are by nature open minded. The Libyan character does not posses the dynamic ego to a united cause just or unjust; this is not a negative element within us but it is a product of geopolitical situation and also a product of rich mix of cultures. Libya is more qualified to be a multi-culture society and probably the oldest multi-culture society in history than any other nation.

For the above reasons or you may say the simple facts we should direct our attention and efforts to a milder form of political thinking which is the Civil Democratic State for all, then after maturity the people will choose the way. I fully understand the stand points of both participants but the people who will one day try to implement unworkable solution will eventually face a very disappointing and humiliating setbacks; history books and people will never forgive them for it.

Please note that I think religions are sacred to mankind specially thinkers, participants in the debate must be very careful when using religion to promote their own political ambitions.

Mabrouk A. Mabrouk

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