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Exhuming Mr. Al-Zubaidi ...Why?

He lost everything but his dignity: he lost children, neighbors and friends, he lost possessions and belongings and was exiled with what's left of his family, and, after long and painful illness, Muhammad Massaud Al-Zubaidi departs this world. Mr. Al-Zubaidi, may Allah grant him blessings, was an old man, weak, wrinkled and ready to meet his creator. Mr. Al-Zubaidi suffered so much. He suffered the disappearance of his son in early 80's by the Qaddafi's regime, suffered long trailed nuisance and aggravations that included the execution of his son-in-law, he was tormented and experienced the agony of it all. Mr. Al-Zubaidi died with nothing in his bag but a simple wish... he wished, rightfully so my friends, to be buried in his fallen-head town, Bani-Walid.

This was recently leaked news out of our distressed home. We were told how it all started and how it was finished. We were told the gruesome rule the elements of the government played in Mr. Al-Zubaidi burial gathering. These elements refused the family to bury the man per his wish. They ordered his burial somewhere other than his hometown. The community, on the other hand, did what was right, they ignored the ridiculous order and buried the man as he wished. The regime's elements returned only to exhume the body, placed it in a car and threatened to dump it into the sea for the fish to consume if their orders were not carried-out.

Go ahead my friend; scratch your head until it bleeds in hope to find some meaningful answer to this madness. Go ahead, for I know you are confused and baffled with this act, and I also know you are full of questions that no matter how you shuffle them you will end-up with no logical answers. You may ask yourself: why on earth would Qaddafi and his tails do meaningless and inhumane acts? The wrinkled old man is dead and what is taking place around his coffin is not a festivity, rather his family and friends mourning the loss of their father and friend and that is that. For what purpose or gain could Qaddafi and his elements possibly accomplish by this horrendous display of arrogance and terror? You may also ask: how low can a sitting ruler stoop to show his subjects the absolute power and the unchallenged authority to alter the norm and dictate whatever his warped mind desires? You will ask and you may never arrive at any sensible answer. Could it be possible that these thugs can't tell the difference between alive and dead? I, for one, would be at ease if it were confirmed that these sub-humans don't know motionless body with silenced heart means just that, dead!

It gives me goosebumps, my friends. It shakes me, and it deeply disturbs me to know that some of us "Libyans" would drag a cloth-wrapped and cold corpse of an old man out of the grave and haul it around in broad day light for all to see. This old man, even if he were alive, would not be capable of and possess any threats. It indeed gives me the shivers!

But really folks, why?!

We all know nothing of this sort or, for that matter, any can go without his approval and often his initiation. The truth is: this was a deliberate act. It was based on a well calculated and rather due step. It was written and produced by Qaddafi himself for the lone purpose of collecting vital and much needed data! It was designed with accuracy and had answers to every which way this act may lead or turn into.

The town of Bani-Walid, throughout the 90's, showed Qaddafi some mutiny, a mutiny that was met by an iron fist. In this town and like many others in Libya, Qaddafi executed some of its' men, jailed many, up-rooted and exiled others, demolished homes and even threatened to redirect the path of his man-made-toobo away and deny this town the benefit of this project.

And what better way to test and periodically retest the waters to see the potential or the likelihood of having this town or others rebel again. He instructs his planted thugs to do despicable acts. He then monitors the progress and, if needed, inputs his fixes. He knew well that the community would reject the idea of burying Mr. Al-Zubaidi somewhere else. He also knew exhuming the body will drive the town's anger to its highest. He was prepared to face it all. - If the situation became a headache to him, then he would be ready to slap his thugs on the face and tell the community: this was the making only of these efrookh (Saleh Ibrahim's lead gang) and show assure them he had nothing to do with it. The simple-minded elders of Bani-Walid (the grandparent's brotherhood crab) will buy his echoed comments and when that happens he (Qaddafi) will come out smelling like roses. If, however, nothing happens and his thugs manage to subdue and control any deviants or noise makers if any, then the test rendered what he wanted - the affirmation of ... who is the will-never-be-challenged boss. A third outcome of this wicked plan was: because he used Bani-Walid's own thugs and because these thugs were across the tribal divide of Mr. Al-Zubaidi, the start of tribal conflict within the said town was Qadaffi's most favorable outcome ...keep them busy!

And now you know why yanking the body of Mr. Al-Zubaidi out of his grave was a necessity and must do?!


- Fellow countrymen who welcomed the recent release of prisoners and in parallel learned of Mr. Al-Zubaidi experience may need to rethink their views and re-evaluate their excitement!

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