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To Mr. Al-Hassi  (2)

Dear Libyan people,

Assalam Alikum

I once again come back here to post a short explanation to some of the points I have mentioned in my posting dated Oct. 1st, 2002. I, by any means, did not intend to attack neither to point the finger at anyone in person excluding the two masterminds and financial consultants/ beneficiaries of the debate or dialogue operation. As we all know, Such an operation took place in the early 1990s "in the dark". Under the careful planning of the poet (PHD) with an Iraqi permission (due to enhanced diplomatic relations with Libya at the time), the financial support of the army colonel in coordination of Ahmad Gathafedum's office of foreign security, the very hard work which was based on political achievement promises of Mr. X (IBS) of D.C., Mr. Alhassi's analytical philosophy and persuasive skills with people oblivious to hidden agenda, and the blessings of the American intelligence agency whom thought the NFSL's card was burned out after Oct 93.

To be truthful though, there are so many mysteries and secrets yet to be discovered and revealed to us the Libyan general public. Faux pas, missteps, and mistakes were most certainly performed by both sides to judge and evaluate the situation correctly. I am very certain that both sides are full of sincere Libyans who want every good for Libya and the Libyans who I have many of them as friends before and after the operation took place. However, by them being used by one source or another in an absolute conniving scheme does not release them from the historical and political responsibility. Nevertheless, they have failed to fulfill their obligations towards our cause and disappointed faithful Libyans who understood immediately the actuality of the operation and realized the consequences of it. All the truthful efforts of hard work which was build over a period of long years was demolished, all the dreams built in every Libyan's mind of victory was erased forcefully, and any reliability and credibility for a sincere righteousness nationalistic work was shaken as a direct result of their act.

I challenge anyone to prove to the general Libyan public any advantages or positive results or political gains to our cause or any kind of benefits resulted from such a move TO ANY ORGANIZATION AND NOT TO INDIVIDUALS. It is extremely obvious when you weight the scale for that foolish act, losses far out weight gains at all levels and for both sides.

I have never intended for this short commentary to become personal towards anyone Mr. Alhassi. but your timing in publishing your article is very impressive and punctiliousness. The obscurity of using your real name and the exactness of timing seem to send hidden messages contained of self-marketing of personal political achievement or even proposing a design (to Carrazaying) on the Libyan case. It is quite obvious that you have some objections to the choice of the NFSL (Dr. Muhammad Mugarief's article) which is absolutely acceptable. What is not acceptable though, is the fact that you tend to disavow your role in operation Dialogue that caused an infringement in the infrastructure of the NFSL. The NFSL which once was the strongest, biggest, most influential, most dynamic, most diverse, most talented, most resourceful, most feared by Qaddafi, and most reliable Libyan opposition in the history of contemporary Libyan oppositions during that time. The decision was made, the plan was formed, the key figures were systematically selected, the people of the dialogue were intrigued and attracted by sneaky ways, and the execution of both the plan and the NFSL took place just on time as previously planed. Then, you simply come back like nothing has ever happened more devoted than ever to expose yourself publicly to convert the spot lights on your stage thinking people will approve of you and follow. Mr. Alhassi, Sorry but you don't have it in you to lead a population and to be a president of a country but never quit trying.

The following goes to Mr. Ex-Jabhawi from the LFC:

When you were a member of the NFSL among others such as (THE OPERATION DIALOGUE MEMBERS), didn't you have at least two chances to replace Dr. Muhammad Almugarief since he was sooooo bad. The first occasion is during the first national congress meeting and the second is during the second national meeting. Specifically, Dr. Muhammed tried to resign during the second congress but his resignation was not accepted. Not to forget, he was the main contact person to bring about financial support for the NFSL which kept the NFSL operating and kept people's stomachs full under a worm roof. Surprisingly, when the money was gone there follow most of the people and the NFSL became so (EKHEEE). Why haven't you and other faithful Libyans work on a change in its leadership instead of being used somehow or another in a dirty game.

Aren't you and most of these purely Libyan nationalists support and participate in the dance and sang the song with most people whenever someone was casted a shadow over their motives or thrown by horrible accusations, so what makes you any better now. And aren't you one of these people that never accepted criticism during your work in the NFSL as well?

Were you not one of the members of the NFSL all during the times of CHAD, Algeria and the little one between when all that was cooked in the kitchen of a small CIA agent? Why did you not refuse and object to that? Why are you mentioning that just now? And why aren't you directing this accusation to the connection of the CIA with the NFSL which is MR. X(IBS) from D.C.

Bottom line is:

Most people who have participated in the dialogue operation were deceived, fooled, and taken for ride. Perhaps, they were even used by very clever intelligence agents thru bigger game players who benefited either financially or politically based up on an individual basis observation. The leadership in the NFSL are to be blamed for the major mistakes made by them during their operating in various offices taking harmful wrong decisions that negatively impacted on our cause. Dr. Muhammad Mugarief is appreciated for all the great efforts and hard work he spent for the sake of Libya and Libyans but he also aught to take a responsibility for his wrong decisions. I agree with you Mr. Ex-Jabhawi where you mentioned that the NFSL needs to be reformed under a whole new leadership composed of new younger blood and educated elements of society. Mr. Ex-Jabhawi, Don't throw rocks at people when your home is made of glass. Let's not take the Libyan cause down to gain personal interests and attack each other personally.

Thanks to all those contributed and supported the Nidal Alwatani with everything they have and had. Thank you Mr. Alhassi for all your efforts in the past, thank you Dr. Mugarief for all the work you did and all the sacrifices you made, thank you Mr. Sahad for your patients and commitment, thank you Mr. Ashamis for a remarkable news page and be more careful with what you post to avoid negative criticism, and thanks to every sincere Libyan who loves Libya and stood by the truth in the past years and still standing in the right path to confront ignorance, tyranny, and injustice. We will win our victory one day and the torch of justice will shine there in the land of figs and olives in Libya. We have to be faithful to our cause, we have to be sincere to each other, we have to give of ourselves more and more for the sake of Libya, and we have to fear Allah in our deeds to excel. (wa lana fi rassol allah aswah hasanah wa lanna fi alshuhada aswah hasanah).

P.S. : I will not accuse you nor I will accuse anyone blindly of what you have accused yourself with as working for the regime or to serve the regime but if we change this fight from challenging the regime to challenging each other, then we are most certainly helping the evil regime to accomplish what they always wish for that is to weakens the opposition groups and make them always busy with how to get by on daily bases.

God bless Libya.
Allah bless our differences.
Oh Allah unite us, forgive us, and grant us victory over those who disbelieve.


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