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The Fight Must Continue

Priorities are Priorities for the ones who needed it the most:

The fight must continue; the release of political prisoners and prisoners of conscious. A list of all present prisoners must be obtained. There is not a better goal in life than to unite families and to try to put a smile on a child's face. No one should hold the prisoners for their political fight against the tyranny. All of Libyan Human Rights organizations should put their resources together listing prisoners with photos, dates, for anyone to refer to them. This will help many Libyan refugees to build their cases.

The fight to help the poor Libyans who are in need of urgent medical care. Diseases are on the rise and so the numbers of deaths amongst the young and old, they have been neglected and left to die. The Libyan regime must take the necessary steps to monetarily assist any Libyan in need of medical attention to travel abroad. Preventative measures inside Libya must be taking seriously.

Salaries must be paid on time and without any delay. Libyans can't afford to feed their families and help them when they need medical expenses. Most resort to either work a second and a third job or to practice any other means that conflict with what the regime claim Libya to be and conflict with a Muslim society.

Education: In a corrupt dictatorial regime, there's not better education than that of the parents, "Morally and Spiritually". The academic education in Libya will change when the change of its operatives happens.

Africans in Libya: There are many of them seeking legitimate and decent work. The concern is those who are entering Libya without any medical clearance, that could (if not already did) contribute to spreading diseases. Also most of them make Libya a stopping point to sell their poison (drugs) on their way to Europe, they enter Libya without any criminal record clearance. Can the dictator regime ever think and FEAR that the latter can be a security risk! Here's the scenario: Pay them well, supply them with machetes and weapons, put them in three or four tractor trailers and drive them through the gates of Bab-Laazeziya's headquarters, open the doors and scream "Kill or be killed". Are we going to see some changes?

Anti-Dictatorship in Libya

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