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To Mr. Al-hassi

My Dear respected Libyans,

Assalam Alikum,

I am sure that most of you have seen Mr. Salim Al-hassi's article posted in Akhbar Libya and in Libya Our Home. I have to admit that the article has an outstanding analysis for what's going on today in the Libyan politics. He also mentioned the relationship and connection between the American policy for the region and the reactionary acts of the regime in Libya in regard to that. I also respect the fact that he addressed in the beginning of his article not to misread and misunderstand his analysis and his motive behind the article. In fact, this step give him the credible and reliability for his article not to be misunderstood.
However, It is known all thru the NFSL time that Mr. Al-hassi loves to be treated as a leader and loves to be in the spot light of situations which is somewhat acceptable.

The concerns are though,

- Why did Mr. Al-hassi plan, support, depreciate, and resign from the NFSL among others at a time that completely broke the NFSL's back to perish?

- Why did Mr. Salim Al-hassy put his hand together in the hands of people well known to unlikely intend good for the Libyan cause based on their school of thought, previous contacts, and general philosophy?

- Why did Mr. Al-hassi and his group not complain about the mishaps of the NFSL prior that time and why did they act at that time particularly?

- What have these people accomplish after their separation from the NFSL that they haven't accomplish while being part of the NFSL?

- What happened to the Mastermind behind the operation DR. Musa Fanoosh and where is the financial consultant and beneficiary Col. Khalifa?

- What benefit have our cause gain from such a move and what loss have it paid as a direct result of that harmful move?

- Hadn't these people get at least two different occasions to make alterations within, get rid of supposedly the source of the problem and direct the NFSL towards the direction they thought it was best for the cause not for any personal emption than act in a way that would only serve directly or indirectly the evil regime instead?

- Aren't most Libyans struggling and suffering from being away from our land and family and aren't we all sacrificing with several materialistic needs for the sake of the country and the sake of the cause? Why did some people use that as an excuse to surrender back to the regime? (I am talking about dialogue operation planners and not the general public).

Gentlemen and Ladies;

I apologize if I have pointed the finger at someone that I don't mean to hurt including Mr. Al-hassi himself. I only wanted to state facts and simply say enough is enough with jeopardizing our cause to gain a record or to shine for a while in the spot light. I truly like Mr. Al-hassi's article because it is listing facts that couldn't be ignored and addressing an outstanding analysis but at the same time I don't esteem his game in trying to once again shine in the spot light and totally deny responsibility for the consequences he and his group brought up on the NFSL. He did participate with our heroes in Al-Aziziah fight and I have all the respect for him but no thanks for the dance.
However, Allah only is always able to firm our hearts in the right direction and us as humans may deviate.

Any attempt to predict the future development of the Libyan cause, we should start with:

- Dispassionate assessments of the relevant political factors.

- Unite all the shattered efforts and groups of the Libyan oppositions.

- Humble and incapacitate all participants based up on their real ability to produce and not based on their territorial identity or family ties.

- In the endeavor it is useful to draw on critical minds who switched sides temporarily, without serving their roots outright.

- The new young generation must be involved under the consultation of the older more experienced generation.

Then we may boldly ask: What is really going on in both domains domestically and internationally. We must suggest a complete strong plan and a long term strategy that would include equally all parties to implement in the overall change for the cause.

To be Continued


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