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Never Again

Our mission is to deliver our people once and for all from any form of dictatorship and to destroy the cancer in our society that produces natural born dictators. Our battle is to destroy dictatorship not to exchange it with another one.

Any one out there who is planning to save our people from the shameful backwardness and stubborn foolishness by another form of self presumption form of rule will not succeed. Any one who joins a group just to create nuisance to the current regime knowing for a fact that this group is another form of dictatorship is only prolonging the life of the cancer that destroying our society.

The thinkers and wisemen of Libya have spoken out and stated in many occassions that our future choice must be a form of democratic system which guarantees the basics and the necessary elements of political and human rights for all our people; there are no ifs or buts about it.

The Libyan People will never again hand their faith to any form of dictatorship based on myths, tales and fallacies. Every thing every element effecting our society must pass the checks and balances and no one no ideology will pass because of past glories myths tales and fallacies or excurses and lies which for many years used by dictators and opportunists like the saying "our people are not yet ready for Democracy" which really means they want to steal our resources and keep us in the dark ages.

Wise up, don't hand your faith unless you are sure whoever you are joining must be the right choice for you and for your country. Don't create any more agony to your country and people. Make the right choice; future generations will not forgive you for not doing so. And to the lazy ones out there who just follow the flock: wake up and think.

History is proving to us daily that considering the changes and reforms all over the world we are left to deal with the ills and the consciences of the choices our fathers and grandfathers made. Something is definetely wrong; a fundamental defect exits in our society and we have to deal with it. In politics there is no such thing anymore as the common denominator; the nice phrase used from time to time by fools. Under the present circumstances the cancer is affecting the fundamental existence of our people and our society.

Never again myths, tales and fallacies.

Mabruk A. Mabruk

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