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Wake Up!

This letter is directed to "" but here is a copy to our beloved site "Libya Our Home" to be published in the "Letters" section.

It is very sad indeed to see that some Libyans are still believing in what's called great Jamaheria...etc. Wake up and look around you, look how many Libyans are suffering in their own home. Everything in Libya is centered around your god Gaddafi. You people are not worshipping Allah anymore, you are worshipping Gaddafi and believe in his green book... Gaddafi has destroyed our country. He has wasted 500 billion dollars since he came to power... Go around and look at health, education, transport...etc.,they are all tens of years behind.

Before answering or getting mad about what you read in the Internet about your false leader, go and look at the eyes of children who lost their fathers in stupid wars in Chad, Uganda and other places, all these wars were for the sake of one person and that is Gaddafi.

There is no count for the people he killed since he came to power, I don't think any one will forget the Ramadan murderers... And everybody know very well what exactly going on in Abu Sleem prison.

So in summary, all this thing called great Jama... is a joke. But certainly not a funny one. We Libyans all believe that Gaddafi and his alliance are nothing but a gang hijacked a rich country and they are full of jealousy and low self-esteem. Their mission is to destroy any life or ambition. So please shut your site up because it is revolting and built on lies, lies, and lies and you know it.

And what is the story of that wanted list... I thought we live in a free happy prosperous country... It appears we are not. We are actually living under the roles of a mad man surrounded by countless number of security... Well, I am sure he can afford that!!! Dosen't he own Libya’s oil... Oh sorry, I forgot his sons, they do as well.

Trust me, we will all be meeting one day and judged by Allah about our deeds in this life... Are you ready for that Geddaffffi?


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