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To Abdulrahman

To who called himself Abdulrahman, About the story of theft, you should understand the wealth of Libya is for every body, can you tell me how your own people have these big houses and farms which belongs to Italians, and why your relationship with Italian is so strong until now.
We do not have any history of collaborating with English, Italians and French as you do. We know this sect of the society always hate any body to be comfortable except them. I am not justifying what happened is right if it happened, but people like you can not talk about loyalty to Libya. You never ever again have the chance to do so; I promise.

Salem Mustafa

Statement To Libyans

One who has a black idea or black mind he can not say a good word for his people that is the Devil Gaddafi. Always he speaks about war, blood, fire ,killing, death, and shouting, do you know that he controls the country and the Libyans by shouting.
All Gaddafi speech against Israel for 33 years. Why the Israili government do not answer him or do some thing against him? It is a good question need answering. Why he does not want to build libya. But all the other presidents they build their countries look at Tunisia or Egypt or Dubai.
Why he hates the human been and specially the Libyans. Is this a human been or devil. I am sorry Gaddafi the great people are not Like you and every one will forget you at the moment you die. You are not Almahtama Gandi or Yasser Arafat. you are a dirty cancer in the Libyan body and the operation will be in the near future.

Mared Leebi

The Charity Association of El-Gathafi

Salam ya Libya

Does any one of you think why this charity association is doing very well? I think because they named it with Gathafi's name! So, let's imagine it as OMAR AL MOKHTAR Charity Association, in this case will Mr EL-Gathafi give it the chance? Will he give it the finance support? Will he give it the chance to have that large fame?
The other thing what is it doing for the Libyan people? And if it's only working for the strangers not for us that means it's trying to clean some one's picture! or to change some people's opinion about the person who's behind it.
Wassalmo Alekom

Rashad el-Ghaithe

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