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No Way Except Alfatah Revolution

This is the first time for me to write in this page, the reason for that what I have seen in this page, I mean the people who do not know anything about Libya and its people.
In fact, I want to say one thing to people who live abroad that you should not write anything about Libya, because you do not know anything and we want to live as we are with our leader Moammar Alqadafi and there is no way except Alfatah Revolution.

The Revolutioary

Miserable Life

While this sick dictator is still here with his assasins killing, stealing and terrorizing us every day and after thirty three years, now we became lifeless and semi-dead people. That is not strange especially it's a resultant of those long and dark years, most of the libyans 90% got fed-up and tired even depressed (except sick Gadhafi's agents and their families) of what the half-mad dictator Gadhafi and his illiterate dirty blood dogs are applying every day. We hope the war is ignited one day and soon to sterilize the infected Libya then all we will carry the arms and we will see how they will run back to their original countries all those who came back to Libya after the oil was discoverd, those rubbish fearful bastards.


Two Questions For "Ghayour From Cairo"

1- If Libya is such a heaven why are you living in Cairo?
2- Are you and your father Libyans by birth or you became Libyans after September 69.

True Libyan
(whose family paid by blood during the Italian occupation and during your current monkey system.)

To That "Saadi"

Dear Essaadi

No Salamo alekom,

And now tell me notorious boy who gave you the right to spend our money for the African football? You think it's your father's money? Wakeup Mr notorious! Good morning it's after noon!
You better ask your unusual father to give our people their salaries on time not after many months! I know that you will never do something like that because you are only able to do anything against us! Exactly like your ridiculous father! And your notorious family.

Again no SALAMO ALEKOM because SALAM is not for you or for your notorious family!

Rashad el-Ghaithe

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