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Response To Haifa Elhaifa

I would like to respond to Haifa ELHAIFAH.

Most people agree that green is a wonderful color. Especially for us Muslims, green has become a symbol of goodness and prosperity, for it reminds us of the glorious conquests of the Islamic empire. Centuries have passed since, and today the beautiful color has turned into an ugly reminder of a tyrannical regime in Libya of the worst kind. The green flag is currently used to symbolize Qaddafi's deteriorated revolution. Green in Libya is used to glorify Qaddafi’s corrupt and demented ideas. It is used as a cause for stray kids like Haifa.

We must remind ourselves that she does not, and will never, represent Libya’s truly faithful young generation, who have either been driven out of their homeland or those who live in it under oppression. They shall unite one day soon under a new flag that represents their hopes and dreams for a better Libya. Only then will the memory of these thirty some years of darkness and the cheerleaders like Haifa will be thrown into utter oblivion.

Haifa ELHAIFAH, if someone is colorblind or ignorant it is most definitely not Jaballah. The person in need of an urgent vision re-examination is he/she who blindly repeats and admires some barren and empty slogans of an evil master, who claims to be the enemy of the West purposely forgetting his own mother and forgetting where his roots come from.

Ya HAIFAH, go back and read the history, search the books, and understand the facts of how our land is being expatriated, our history is being degraded, our children are being abandoned, our economy is being demolished, our oil is being ripped off, our religion is being dishonored, our culture is being ignored, our people are being ravished, and our human rights are being violated.

Which civilization and freedoms are you talking about? Unless there is another country with the same name, which incidentally carries the same defunct green slogans that I am unaware of, there is only one Libya, and civilization and freedoms are as foreign to it as UFO’s are to planet earth.

Speak the truth or keep quiet ya HAIFAH!!!!!! and here is a lesson for you to remember next time you hold the pen to write, it is a lesson we learned from the elders growing up: when talking to educated people, have respect for their opinions even if you disagree. I know that this is a hard rule for you to observe being a member of the revolutionary clan but you could always be trained.

Ahmad El-Libi

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