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Greetings To The Muslim Students At Manchester University

Assalamo alikum all, I hope you all in the best iman and health, please pay no attention to my spelling mistakes and do not dare to think about my grammar mistakes.

I am writing today regarding the motion we had in Manchester University, which took place yesterday. The motion was about Palestinian human rights, and the human rights abuses, by the Zionist and the war criminal (Sharon) and his government, committed against our brothers and sisters in Palestine. I wish that you had been here to witness the hard work the youngsters in the Islamic Student Committee did. They put time, money and strong motion for the vote to go through. They have been begging all the brothers and sisters to attend the vote and donate money needed for the campaign, but their pleads fall on deaf ears.

The sister and brother who gave speeches at the motion were more than excellent, may Allah bless them and make this work in their good deeds in judgment day. All the Muslim students who were there distributing flyers, carrying pictures and flags deserve a warm thank you from all of us.

The motion did not go through as usual, the Jews were there with all their power, and they made sure there was no condemnation of the Israeli government. They came from all over the country, from all ages, I saw moms with little babies, grands and journalists, all wearing Jewish hats, to show their solidarity and support for their youngsters, and to defend their faith and society as they said. They took it seriously, and fought with all the sources they could have to not let Muslims pass this motion, I am 100% sure that even the Israeli government was behind them. they wear unified uniforms with silly sentences, distributed drinks, sweets and food for free, just to gain support, because they know they do not have a case and they are not fighting for a just cause, and they know very well that their picture is very ugly, so they tried to put it in very beautiful and expensive browser, or envelope, to divert the attention from their ugly racist face. in their speeches they completely ignored human rights and what is going on in Palestine, and as usual they played the same old song of anti Semitism, self determination and the right of the Jews to exist. In the end they got away with all what they came for, and the whole society (Jews) where there from 9 am till 7 pm chanting their anthem, supporting their youngsters, and carrying their flags, in order to let all the Jewish students who can vote to be the first ones in the line, because the hall has limited space, and most of the ones who came late were not permitted to enter the hall.

On the other hand, what did the Muslims do? As usual, nobody cared, even Manchester University students failed to attend and the ones who attended left before the vote, with the same silly excuses, we Muslims always have, as I do not have time for Jomma prayer or Eid prayers (once a year), yet we have time for movies, TV, Internet chatting and searching for dirty pages, even Bars. and we do not have money for good causes, I was their when our brothers were begging for money to support this campaign, and I saw only the red pieces (pennies) in the jars, yet the money come in plenty for movies, and we happily spend it in Mark and Spincer, Sainsbury, and the list is endless.

The fine speech the sister gave and her convincing answers silenced the Jews, and the strong voice of the brother, the voice of truth and fair case, shut up all the Jews, and I swear to God they all were scared from him and they could not dare even to chant back at him as they all do with every speaker.

The Jews were taking it as a serious fight for their faith and existence and fought strongly, in the mean while we Muslims did nothing as usual.

No one from the Muslim community showed up to support, to carry flags and distribute flyers to let the rest who can vote to be in the line to get in, I sent e-mails to sisters from UMIST, Man Metropolitan, and I begged them to come and support us and support these young students who worked so hard for the past week for this moment, but of course nobody cared, no one showed up, and we are always asking: why are we always losing even the simple fights that we can easily win.

The Muslim students lost because each single one in our community let them down, and shame on you all, all of you who are in the Manchester area and did not show up. Our selfishness attitude and negative contribution are the main things that got us as Muslim Ummah in the deep hill we are at for centuries.

Today, I am writing to all of you begging that you all send e-mails (won’t cost you money or time) to the brothers in the Manchester Islamic Society, I will put brother Wakkas’ e-mail at the end, you have to mention that you heard about the indescribable job they had done for this motion, and you have to ask him to pass your e-mails to all the brothers and sisters who had positive contribution for this job well done, and please do not forget to mention the sister and the brother who gave the speeches, I do not know their names, but I am sure brother Wakkas knows and he will pass it to them.

Please, brothers and sisters, this is very important to let them know that we all feel and appreciate the work they had done and we are all behind them and sorry for letting them down, and they could not have lost if we all were there.

They need this support all year around, but it is more important in this occasion. I was so sad last night and my heart goes on to this young new generation of Muslims who have faith and fight hard to succeed where our elders (politicians and scholars) failed to do so.

Again, please send the e-mails now, as soon as possible, and name your country so they know that we all one Ummah and insha Allah we will always, and the crises we face as a Muslim nation will insha allah bring us closer to each other, and of course closer to Allah SWT.

We have Islam to hold on and the others have nothing more than fake civilization and materialistic beliefs, we have all the tools for success in this life and the hereafter, and they have only this life to look for, this is why their ultimate is to have a good life, and all their prayers are to have fun.

Let us not forget that Islam is our only nationality, and LA ILAHA ILLA ALLAH MOHAMMED RASUL ALLAH, is our passport to pass through to the safe side in this life and the forever life.

Let each single one of us believe in their hearts that he/she can make a difference, and can have a positive contribution in building better Muslim Ummah. By not shopping at the list you have, you are supporting your brothers and sisters who suffer everywhere, by not eating at the dirty places as Mac, not going to silly bad movies, you are doing a lot. Even by having a good attitude and sustain from swearing and saying bad words you are contributing towards a better Muslim Ummah.

I can go on and on, but I am sure you will not read it, because as usual you have no time for this useless things. This is why I will shut up now, and please e-mail me back and tell me if you did e-mail a support email to our brothers and sisters in Manchester University.

Brother Wakkas' e-mail is :
Or you can visit their website and leave a greeting for them in this address :

And please forward these e-mails to as many as you can and urge them to send e-mails to the brothers.

Jazakum Allah khairan if you manage to reach this line of my e-mail.



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