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Human Rights Solidarity
Sunday, 6 May, 2006

Fear for the lives of Libyan political activists

The Libyan and Arab Human rights organisations (listed below), have a genuine fear that at least ten peaceful political dissidents who were planning a peaceful public demonstration at the (Martyrs Square) in the centre of the Libyan capital Tripoli on Saturday 17th of February and were all arrested on 16th and 17th of February before the planned event took place may face the death penalty after the Libyan authorities have compiled very serious false accusations against them including: possession of weapons, planning to carry out terrorist operations, and having clandestine contacts with foreign powers.

These accusations are completely false and are designed to cover the real status of these prisoners as political prisoners who were campaigning peacefully and openly for freedom and democracy in Libya using internationally recognised legitimate means.

You are cordially invited to a press briefing organised and attended by the listed organisations below to discuss in detail the latest developments on the fate of these political activists and also the wider issue of political prisoners, the state of human rights and the political situation in general in Libya today.

Date and time:
Thursday 10th May 2007 – 2.00 – 4.00 pm.

The Polish Centre
238-246 King Street
W6 0RF
England - UK

The organisers:
1- Arab Commission for Human Rights – France
2- Libya Watch for Human Rights – United Kingdom
3- Human Rights Solidarity – Switzerland
4- Alkarama for Human Rights – Switzerland
5- The Libyan Union for Human Rights - Germany
6- The Libyan Committee for Truth & Justice

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