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Libyan Poet Salem Mohammed

Salem Mohammed

Monday, 19 March, 2007

Libya : Why Go Nuclear When You Are Incapable Of
Generating Power Through Conventional Methods?

Salem Mohammed

I noticed that the story of the American-Libyan nuclear collaboration emerged very slowly from JANA (the official Qadhafi news agency) with an air of contentment... That is why I am writing about this piece of strange news.

Using natural gas, diesel fuels and coal, the approximate cost of one (1) Megawatt of power generation is $US100, 000. This should include: engineering design services, material procurement, construction and commissioning. Most small Peakers and very large power plants bui lt in the United States and Canada in the last 5 years cost from 5 million for a 50 MW Peakers (very small generating stations comprising a small turbine and generator compartments, air intake and exhaust systems), to 5 billion for large plants having a power generation capacity of 500 Megawatts or more...

Nuclear plants cost three times as much as conventional coal-fired or gas-fired plants; they need experienced operators and very rigorous environmental and health and safety precautions and preventive measures, nuclear fuel, etc… So, why would a dictatorial regime that has proven to the world that it is unable to generate simple conventional electricity for its own population would insist on owning and building nuclear generating stations?

Why would you build a nuclear power plant, when the world is no longer building them, after the disaster at Chernobyl?

Why? Where are the experienced operators?, where is the fuel? Who is going to make the fuel? Why not use the natural gas that is abundant and cheap in Libya?

Libya can plant its coastal towns with conventional power generating plants using natural gas and save billions of dollars… But, no: because this road leads to billions in the hands and pockets of the corrupt Qadhafi Family members and the Junta surrounding them. Big bucks guaranteed to find its way out of the messy legacy that they have left Libya in.

Like those monies wasted on the "Great Man-Made River, which never saw commissioning, the billions wasted on the railway arterials in the desert that will be covered with sand in a decade if commissioned, and the trillion dollars of Libyan money wasted on the discovery of the unknown, the spread of terror around the world and the help of vague causes and so on…

Having said that, what are the best ways to swindle and steal more of Libyans money? A nuclear plant is the best way and my fears are not phantoms of my imagination. I think that this country called Libya is abandoned by God. I think that the devil is roaming this country, and within the very walls where the dictator lives.

ـ Salem Mohamed, B.A.Sc.,, MIOA, INCE, is a Canadian consulting engineer and acoustician. Coal-Fired Generating Plant, Engineering rendition by Salem Mohamed, 2005

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