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Libyan Writer Mohammed el-Jahmi
الكاتب الليبي محمد الجهمي

Mohammed el-Jahmi

Sunday, 13 June, 2010

Mohamed Eljahmi's Comments At Iran Interfaith Vigil Solidarity
Boston, USA, June 12, 2010

Thank you for coming out today. By coming here you show commitment to human rights and justice. For over thirty years, Iran has been under the brutal rule of a Messianic Theocracy formed by the Mullahs.

I support peaceful Iranian dissidents and cherish the bravery and sacrifice of Iranian labor activists like Farzad Kamangar. Last month, Mr. Kamangar and four of his compatriots were executed by Iranian authorities. The authorities then refused to hand over the remains to the families for burial.

I originally come from Libya, so I am familiar with brutality of Middle Eastern dictators. Like Iran, Libya is ruled by a Messianic Megalomaniac. Like Iran, a Libyan dissident could be executed for organizing an independent labor union.

Last year, Mr. Qadhafi’s regime killed my brother Fathi Eljahmi. Fathi was killed because he peacefully enunciated a vision to help heal Libya and define its relationship with the outside world. Two weeks from now, Libyans will observe the fourteenth anniversary of the Abu Sleem prison massacre, where twelve hundred Libyan political prisoners were mass killed by the Qadhafi regime. Just like Iranian authorities Mr. Qadhafi refused to hand over the victims’ remains for burial.

The UN has been acting indifferent toward the brutality of the Iranian and Libya regimes. Last month Iran was elected to membership in the UN Commission on the Status of women and Libya was elected as a member in the UN Human Rights Council. These two UN entities were ineffective before Iran and Libya joined and now they will be even more ineffective.

Respect for human rights in the Middle East is important for US interests and world security. We must call for action by leaders of various religious and political organizations. We can’t afford to let the death Farzad Kamangar and Fathi Eljahmi be in vain. We must do the right thing, as Edmund Burke so eloquently stated, “All that's necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing”

Thank you.

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