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Libyan Writer Mohammed el-Jahmi
الكاتب الليبي محمد الجهمي

Mohammed el-Jahmi

Thurday, 11 September, 2008

Rice did not enter the tent…Why?

Translated By: Mohammed el-Jahmi

Interesting take on Rice’s visit by a Libyan expatriate living in Switzerland. The article reflects active debate about perception and expectation of American engagement with Qadhafi. Also, with Presidential politics in season, I hear different opinions and views from Arabs about who is more trust worthy in advocating for reform and human rights in the Arab world. An Arab who lives in Europe or the Middle East would naturally gravitate toward a Democratic Administration, while it is a mixed bag in the US.

Rice did not enter the tent…Why?

Fawzi Abdul Hameed Orfia / lawyer

Jahly [ignorant] Bedouin Arabs live proudly in tents, that they consider a symbol of defeating modernity and civilization; as Qadhafi said “The tent has defeated the palace and the Sheppard’s stick broke the king’s crown.” Those Bedouins may spend their evening in palaces, where they hide all luxury items, living quarters and servants from the eyes of the oppressed Libyan people, by day though the example is the Idiot’s tent.

Thus abstained the American Secretary of State for meeting Qadhafi in the tent, which was entered by the Socialist hypocrite Tony Blair, the idiot Chirac and many others who are not in the level of Rice.

Even before her arrival to Libya, I held the opinion, that Rice will not enter the tent, why doesn’t she enter the Colonel’s [author transposed two letters to mean small camel, kaeed ‘small camel ‘ vs. akeed ‘Colonel’] tent? Personally I refuse to enter the small camel’s tent, sit on the ground or eat with my hand, except in war or extreme poverty.

I do not think the no hand shake protocol bothered the American Secretary of State as the saying goes “Glad it is the mosque”; it is the story about a man who went forcibly to pray at the mosque, so he uttered the saying after the he found the mosque locked, probably is not handshake in return for not entering the tent, and oil for blood!.

In any case, let the reader acumen determine who initiated the protocol to abstain from entering the tent or not to shake hands using Ramadan as an excuse.

It said that a group of friends wanted to embarrass one handsome Libyan who pretend to attract female tourists, so they asked him to offer tea to a female tourist on a Benghazi beach. He offered her tea but she declined, so he told the men, “She doesn’t like the first round” [first round comes immediately after meal and is bitter, later rounds are progressively sweeter.]

It seems that the Leader of Victory, challenge and al-Ahli [local soccer teams in Benghazi] does not shake hands with women during Ramadan! Or that the American Secretary of State doesn’t drink first round tea! That means she insisted her visit doesn’t include entering the Green Indian’s tent.

In general I do not think any cultured and civilized individual who represent a country like America would accept to meet in a tent, pen or shack, Why this contradiction?! Between German luxury cars like Mercedes owned by the Sahara’s Knight and palaces inhabited by his children - welcoming people in a tent equipped by fancy furniture, lights, electricity, refrigerators and microphones, language translators and high ceiling!! It is nonsense and disconnectedness as the Libyan saying goes, “Please hold onto me, I am turning into a girl”

Wealth can blind the eyes, minds and ideas of idiots and degenerates. I like what a Swiss woman said, “I do not like stupid people” This one [Qadhafi] is not only stupid, he has wealth and power. God protect us.

It is impossible for this strange mentality [Qadhafi’s ] to coexist peacefully with or would have a role in modernizing the Libyan people. In short the man is not all there. As the female poet says “I just found this dear man who died before I sat down”, for years the Libyan people have held the banner “We are helpless, God help us” There is no one in Libya or the world who doesn’t understand the Colonel’s mental status.

Qadhafi and his tent will always remain an eyesore for Libyans, tears and blood in Abo Sleem, confiscation of private property and the degenerate says, “I am going to distribute the wealth to the people.”

[Don’t bother,] Just return Libyan private properties without lies, and then talk about distribution of wealth and declare a state of chaos in the Jamahieriaya of Fateh’s [opener] disappointment!!.

It appears this character who, while fasting refuses to shake hands with women but is guarded by women day and night. Even though the codes of morality, courage and chivalry dictate that men guard themselves, women and die defending their honor, the norm has been turned upside and down as the saying goes, “Listen you who do not listen.!”

It appears this Impale Instrument [ Qadhafi - the Arabic word is khazok – an idiom for tyrants who hold onto power for long] has become like a bone in a wound filled with pus will continue to plague the Libyan body until the happy hour when the people will rise to cleanse their country from this injustice. Ask all people about this fact, so you know he has been exposed. My greetings to the Secretary of State who achieved victory for civilization and modernity by refusing to enter the Qadhafi tent of shame and hypocrisy.

Note: We didn’t see the Secretary’s smiling white teeth as we used to. She also preferred to sleep in Tunisia over sleeping in the Jamaheirya of the dead, known for murder, kidnapping and committees for chasing citizens.

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