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Libyan Writer Mohammed el-Jahmi
الكاتب الليبي محمد الجهمي

Mohammed el-Jahmi

Wednesday, 2 September, 2009

Mohamed Eljahmi's Remarks At The Anti-Qadhafi Rally In Englwood, NJ

Good morning. I am honored to be with you today. Thank you Rabbi Goldin. I drove to Englewood from Massachusetts at 3 AM today.

I wish to start by remembering the late Senator Edward Kennedy and hope he rests in peace.

My family and I feel great gratitude to Senator Kennedy and his staff for their efforts to save the life of my late brother’s Fathi Eljahmi. Unfortunately, we all came up short, because Colonel Qadhafi murders people who disagree with him.

Colonel Qadhafi never expressed remorse for his history of terror. In fact, his son Saif al-Islam in an interview in 2006, merely said that his father abandoned terrorism because it was no longer useful, because Libya and America are at peace. Mr. Saif al-Islam said "We used terrorism as tactics, for bargaining." To add insult to injury Saif later called, the families of Lockerbie victims “greedy” Following his Bedouin customs Qadhafi paid blood money for his past terror acts. But money can’t replace the love of a lost spouse, a child or a friend. American Timothy McVeigh was put to death because he killed 168 people in Oklahoma City. Conversely, Colonel Qadhafi was allowed to escape justice because he paid compensation. Today, Colonel Qadhafi wants to pitch a tent in the state that had the highest number of victims in Lockerbie so he rub salt to our still fresh wounds.

How can America and the West expect to win the hearts and minds of the Muslim/Arab world with such misguided policy?

If Colonel Qadhafi is allowed to stay in New Jersey. He will confidently tell his terrorist followers, “I bought justice for Lockerbie and I stayed in the State of New Jersey, when I visited America.”

Qadhafi cannot be trusted; the hero welcome of Libyan terrorist Abdel Baset al-Megrahi can never be forgotten.

In Libya, Muammar al-Qadhafi, heads an organized Mafia with diplomatic representation. Libya’s UN Ambassador, Abdel Rahman Shalqam is nothing more than a Mafia Mule whose job to defend the Boss of All Bosses Qadhafi. The same is true for Libyan Ambassador to Washington Ali Aujali. Last year and during his trip to Washington, Mr. Shalqam was told by a reporter, “The Lockerbie victims families have threatened to demonstrate in front of the State Department during your visit.” Mr. Shalqam mockingly replied, “Let them demonstrate. The subject of Lockerbie is closed.”

Muammar al-Qadhafi murdered my brother Fathi Eljahmi, a man who fearlessly advocated for the victims of Lockerbie and freedom and democracy in a nation that ruthlessly suppressed such ideas.

Fathi spent nearly seven years in Qadhafi’s prisons – most of which in solitary confinement. He was subjected to abuse and torture. He was deprived of adequate medical care and medication for hypertension, advanced stage diabetes and heart condition. In addition, he was subjected to frequent mockery and humiliation by Qadhafi’s thugs. He was threatened that if he didn’t publicly apologize to the Libyan Dictator his daughters would raped and wife harmed. Fathi held to principle and never compromised with the Libyan Despot. Fathi lost weight and became weak and unable to carry basic functions but his faith in God sustained him.

My sister in law and her sons were interrogated by Libyan Security for days, but the family stood strong. If Fathi’s family can stand up to a ruthless Dictator a super power surely can.

Every victim of Qadhafi’s terror embodied hope and human courage while Muammar al-Qadhafi embodies an ideology that is primitive, inhumane and based on hate, terror and bigotry. For the sake of our children it belongs in the trash bin of history.

I appeal to the compassion of Secretary Clinton and President Obama. For the memory every victim of Mr. Qadhafi please restrict the Libyan Despot’s visa to the Island of Manhattan. The US has done it before to other Libyan officials and it surely can do it again.

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