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Saturday, 28 July, 2007

Or Just A Sniveling 'Revolutionary' Has Caved in Under Pressure?

By: Ghoma

        Just as flies, Arab states, are falling, on their heels and heads by the minute,these day, perhaps from exhaustion from the desert heat! Iraq is daily emulating itself on the altar of who-knows-what. The Palestinians, quashed by Israel, are turning to God to protect them from themselves. Arab League is learning one or two things from Sadat, has found its way to Jerusalem to decalre one more time the total surrender without conditions. And Libya, as usual, goes by its own saying: "Who fears, gets saved!" Ain't this something?

        With the let-go of the five Bulgarian nurses and the Palestinian doctor, found guilty, convicted, and condemned to death, and the immediate pardon issued by the Bulgarian president as their plane touched the tarmac at Sofia's airport, a saga of more than 8-years has undergone through another morphing, perhaps has come to a conclusion! or rather is on the way to have some new warps and twists! But one thing has not changed, the 438 children -out of whom 52 have already passed of are still infected with the AIDS virus. The HIV infection has occurred in a hospital in Benghazi, ran by a government Qaddafi had appointed, and no one, at this point, from those who ran the hospital - director, managers, supervisors, doctors and workers were held responsible for one of the most heinous crimes of our times.

        Yeah, there was some drama of a soap-opera type! Some six foreign health workers were nabbed to be sacrificial lambs for the cover up, on the crime(s) to have some excuses. After a prolonged and stretched kangaroo trial, the case seemed to have become a hot potato for the regime's callous hands to handle and thus the moody schlemiel has ejected the whole shebangs without ado! After 38-years and counting the inept revolutionaries, have learned very little beside empty rhetoric, to qualifying them even to look after a herd of goats, not to say, the mastering of a craft like court trials, international negotiations, etc. well enough to understand the implications of their actions and the silliness of their phony achievements. The AIDS' case has become a case celebre, where the victims, innocent children, have been sacrificed for the blunders and clumsy plots, the inept and plainly dumb amateur operators had undertaken and bungled. The fact is, no matter how it's spun around, the full responsibility still falls on the shoulders of the one who has been running the show all this time: Qaddafi.

        It's becoming his trait, Qaddafi, by now -and the rest of the world has taken notice and has utilized it well enough in its dealings with him- of having a fickle and feeble spine that would buckle under the minimum pressure. After all the hoopla and hurling of accusations pointing left and right and which way, the regime's system of justice, seemed to be unable or lacked the credibility to make its findings stick. In reality, it lacked an executive branch that would respect and enforce its findings, deliberations and final verdict. All that mise-en-scene, of a trial, has turned out to be no more than an exercise in futility, a fabrication of not very fertile imaginations! Instead of adding to the agony of those six unlucky Bulgarians, the court should have looked into the real culpable(s). It should have investigated, whether Qaddafi has allowed his minions and underpinnings or just has closed his eyes to their undertakings, the result was the same: someone(s) had plotted and planned those bungled, stupid and dumb-assed actions -blowing up airplanes in the air, or planting bombs in discotheques, or covering up and wrapping the horrendous actions as the infection of large numbers of children, on someone else's, perhaps even innocent foreign workers -and denying first only to admit later on under the threats of more powerful and forceful prosecutors, and accepted to pay dearly, from the public treasury- that has caused the tremendous pains to the country has been suffering, and which have put her behind the bars of a pariah state, from which Qaddafi now is trying to wiggle himself out. Is he now ready to admit how despicable those actions were after all the running to the West for their forgiveness was done? Has the country realized its pathetic situation and the price it was forced to pay just to be treated, if not seen, as "normal"? Ain't it pure stupidity to give in to blackmail and pay for what's one's right to have normal relations with the rest of the world?

        One must ask why all the created dramas and phony screams? Why Libya ends up always paying and dearly, from its meager and scarce resources, for crimes that have brought her nothing except disgust and humiliations? Who will take responsibilities for such fiascoes and blunders? Qaddafi has never, even once, stepped up to the plate and took charge of getting to the bottom of any issue that has been rattling the country in the last zillion years!

        As to looking for the responsible(s), from the beginning, instead of mounting all the charades which have infuriated everyone including friends and foes alike. Notwithstanding what el-Koni wrote: " the Sahrawi has a need for some lying, to a little bit of illusion," when this guy will face up to his actions and take responsibility for his and others under his authority? It would have more honorable -and no less braver, for him if he faced his people and owned up, saying, sorry! I (we) have screwed up badly, these accused health-workers, were innocent, the responsible was our health system; and I, as head of the Libyan state, have granted them a complete pardon and will see to it that they'll be compensated adequately and nicely; and I, again, as head of your state, pledge to you to do everything in my authority to come to the bottom of the question? Only a brave man would have done such a gesture and would have taken such actions, not a coward who hides behind some gutless bureaucrats and their mumbo-jumbo bureaucratese; and , who only knows how to make, what was essentially cryptic dingy rumble into further confusing blather, which ended adding mud to already murky waters. What kind of principles, if any!, the schools Qaddafi attended, had taught him? They must not have been teaching any cases of bravery in their military academies? They must have been stuffing their skulls on how to give up and withdraw, and on how to surrender disgracefully after calling it a victory, and how to wiggle and lie when paying for mistakes? As far as can be determined, Qaddafi, must have broken the record of cowardice, and thus must deserve what ensues on such a merit and be granted a notable place in the Guinness Book!

        As to the Europeans, the latter day carpetbaggers and rug-merchants, they seem to have changed only their tactics, from awhile ago, not their thin skins! These folks, instead, of not long past yore, of sending their soldiers and fleets to take what they want, now sending their presidents, PM, and swarms of salesmen and women, slick willies, to sign contracts and sell their nations products and services. The 'civilizeds' never really cared about so-called human rights and its abusers, since they were the pioneers in squashing whole populations and races from the face of the earth, are now closing eyes, once again, for what goes into their bellies! The one, who not long ago, they blamed for almost everything under the sun, is now embracing as their chum-chummy. What was yesterday's bogeyman, somehow by magic, money, dealing and wheelings, transformed, almost overnight into a statesman to do business with. All the ingredients were in there. Part of the new brave world of globalization economics phenomenon: 3-World cheap raw materials + Chinese and Asian cheap labor force = American and Europeans, fart, talk, and high profits! What a world?

        As to the Frogs? Oh, mon Dieu! What a bunch of opportunists? Particularly when is coming from old-right-wingers, the champions of morals and merit! Sarkozy and his missus lose no occasion, to increase France's GDP, by a morsel, and to prove the hardwork they've been advocating will not be hampered by moral dilemmas and ethical conduct. If to be on the spotlight would involve tampering on someone else's lives and rights so be it. France and its European allies would lay promises on top of other promises, but if the boondoggles don't come around, nothing in there to hold them responsible for talking-the-talk without walking-the-walk.

        Again, once more, Qaddafi's mellowness, subduedness, and viscidness, which some may see as sign of weakness, may turn out as well to be the causes of his strength. He's pulled another one, to last for few more days, for a regime decrepit and deficient in all, yet still ruthless and crude in its using of power buit more so in the exercising iof ts prerogatives. The AIDS case may have closed another page, but it's still there, to be a nagging thorn in the regime's side as long as its victims are still living. It's also a severe lesson, as well as a sad remembrance, to all Libyans, to mull over the consequences of negligence, in duty, as well as over the lack of care and professionalism that still plague all sectors of a country seeking to come out of its long hibernation.


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