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Saturday, 25 April, 2009

A Sign of Bizarre Grandstanding!

By: Ghoma

"They resorted to military aggression to make an entire nation homeless under the pretext of Jewish suffering"
Mahoud Ahmadinejad, President of Iran  

        If the first half of the 20th is too far to remember it’s also still too fresh to forget. For most of the people living today what happened before and after WWII was part of far into time past, and thus should be relegated to its aficionados, and perhaps better forget it. However, the passing of the past doesn’t wash out unsettled debris from existence. The legacy of that period is still vividly contested . Events such Colonialism and Imperialism, and practices such Racism and Zionism were some of the products of those times. These mishaps, or just accidents of history! hotly debated between antagonists standing on opposite sides of the barricade. The victimizers, the West, sees such events and practices as part of a past, though embarrassing and, is no longer in existence, thus better to throw into dustbin; the victimized, the Wretched of the Earth, instead view that same past as still lurking around, if not live and kicking, with its events and practices, though camouflaged, hampering their feeble efforts to overcome it.

        Take, for example, the current UN Forum on Racism! It ‘s brought that age-old saying: only those who are close enough to the fire can feel its flames, to the fore. The West refusal to deal with the consequences of their shameful and myopic practices is a sign of their unsettled conscience and disturbed psyche. It points also to the fact that history was always a contested heritage. The relativity of the interpretation(s) of its consequences is as clear as the truth that might come out of it. Once again when reason fails power takes its place. Might is used to bolster what’s not Right!

        It’s now become a familiar scene, in international forums, when someone skirts the line of what the West’s redlined, its representatives in toe would walk out in protest. Since UN Resolution 3379 of 1975 equating Zionism with Racism, the West has been in a quandary of what to do with one powerful concept of its creation. For the paradox involves not only the West soul but also its body. Since the outset of modernity, the West has used its scientific and technological prowess to further its aims of dominating the planet. To that end it’d concocted various devices among them, the notion of exceptionalism, which had given Western man the pretense of superiority in both brain and brawn. Such an ideology, as Edward Said pointed out, had justified an exclusive attitudes which resulted in Colonialism, and its brainchild Zionism. The West looked to the world as its playfield: from the lands in the New World, as a God’s gift to Europe to settle its surplus population, to the rest of the world as their backyard to subjugate. This domination has gone beyond simple exploitation of the resources to factual re-arrangement of the geography. The results went from the annihilation of entire populations (indigenous populations) to the backlash extermination of some minorities in the citadel of civilization itself. Europe’s prejudices and pogroms came home to roost. It resulted in the so-called ‘Jewish Question’ and Zionism’s thirst for revenge. Unfortunately Zionism’s anger took the wrong turn, and lashed out against innocents, the Palestinians.

        the persistent denial is a symptom a conflicted psyche which is still grappling with the consequences of deeds done under the ecstacy of arrogance . If the Wets admits it’d committed such atrocities then it’s morally, as well as legally, obligated to make amends. If it’d given a whole country which albeit controlled didn’t own, it’s time to do something to return it back to its original owners. Palestine was never for sale to whomever has more chips or clout.

        If the West does not know what epithet to give to its pampered pet, Israel, that’s its prerogative not to venture. But it’s becoming difficult, by the day, for the West not to admit that practices of the entity it’s created, Israel, are not racist. It’s has no other way except to admit also it’s made a mistake. And while we’re at it, the West has also to admit that erroneous held notions such as the inflated self-aggrandizement of its moral and otherwise superiority, had inflicted terrible sufferings for great amount of people all over the planet, and wrecked havoc entire nations and civilizations. The West has to realize that these practices couldn’t be disposed of easily not can be wiped out without by some cathartic gestures. For no matter how magnanimous the gesture may appear, won’t cancel the original sin(s). The west’s historical mistakes were litanies, but giving Palestine, as a homeland to the Jews with no regard to its people, must be regarded as the epitome of all sins, a cruel gesture and a racist practice par excellence. Thus it behooves the West to accept its mistakes and move from there.

        The West is choosing to follow the ostrich, when faced with a problem it couldn’t handle, it buries its head in the sand. So the West has just walked out once again from Durban II, as they’d in Durban I. Their tantrums are becoming more child’s like behaviors not befitting leading powers of the world. Their walk was pure jerk-knee reaction to avoid dealing with an intractable problem. How long the West is going to avoid looking to itself in the mirror and asking some unpleasant questions, only time can tell. This high sensitivity to the issue of antisemitism on the part of the West points to a still festering wound and an exposed sensitive nerve in its body politic .Guilt hurts when suppressed hurts even more. For starter, the West knows well that Israel is nothing if not the product of its guilt. Long before the rest of the world has got into the business of antisemitism, the West had made a career out of practicing it. The numerous Pogroms throughout its history have been capped by the latest ‘Final Solution!’ Displacement is the West’s customary handling its problems, whether local or universal. The practice has been applied to the so-called "Jewish Question": shipping them out of the continent to the Middle East!

        At a distance of 61 years, the West instead of coming to its conscience, recognizing its fault, and begin to work seriously and sincerely on finding a reasonable and durable solution, instead, the West is still avoiding the issue and barricading itself behind false pretenses and hollow moral grandstanding. The West political stands, no less than its deeds, smack of that old cliche of a fallen gentleman whose pride would prevent him to accept the changing circumstances. If the logic sounds a bit twisted, it also bends on disputed claims: Since we invented the human rights, we’re more apt at respecting them. And, we don’t accept to be lectured by some rookie ragtags on how to conduct ourselves in this area. As the Libyan saying goes the camel does see the crook of its neck! The West’s Human Rights record has become a matter of definitions, and getting worse by the day!


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