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Libyan Writer Ghoma

Saturday, 24 June, 2006

ALFA AND THE CONSTITUTION: The Twain Shall Never meet..!

By: Ghoma

        Somehow the guys in ALFA looked around dazzled, when they run out of fuel (and imagination), in the process of thinking of what to do next that will attract some attention and get some traction, hopefully! For, so far, nothing has worked out for this half-a-dozen with few left out, across continental band. When someone shouted Eureka! I found it. Why don't we hold a meeting, we call it a conference, about the Constitution, that's translated to the layman's lingo means Democracy? We can show out patriotism to both lands we belong to -USA and Libya- and hit few birds with one stone: Show our concern and activism and get some subsidy, from that thing, Middle East & North Africa fund for democracy!

        But ALFA's labor pangs have given birth to a fossilized creature. It's not known yet the whereabouts of the much vaunted about new-old-comer, its biology and classifications are yet to be determined! However, there're two unnatural phenomena occurring here: the still-alive birth and the fossilization enigma. Which one caused the other? It'd be interesting to some duped stiff to find out how and when in the pregnancy of an idea the foetus dies and the process of its calcification begins. Before the results of this academic moonshining comes to a conclusion, there's an already established fact: the whole shenanigans are doomed before even the idea saw the light. Why?

        First, Libya and Libyans have not delegated ALFA to peddle with its future. Second, ALFA has yet to establish itself as a legitimate organization. And third, it's to clear its name from a lot of rot one has been hearing about since its inception. Perhaps there's a fourth point that weighs heavily on this club, its close ties to the neo-cons! It's not usual for NGO's to get cozy with the Executive or Legislative branches of the US-government without some quid pro quo type of deal. What possibly ALFA has to offer to an administration bent on dictating its orders by mere fiat - actually more than that with tanks and planes- ? And what role ALFA can possibly play in this brave new world of the neo-cons? Are they ready to assume the equivalents to that old Iraqi Congress whatever and the other wretched Iraqis and who's the Ahmed Chelaby then? Doktoor what-is-his-name?

        Now, what the heck of a Constitution these misguided and strayed folks are talking about when they wrap themselves up, without a lost occasion, in that old rag of a flag, from the bottom of their soles to the top of their pates, and behave as if Idris is still alive and kicking ready to come back, riding his white horse, to restore that lost paradise of his and theirs! Have not we gotten enough of the joke called "constitution" in the absence of an awareness of what that word and the document that goes with it mean? Are we gullible enough to buy the nonsense drivel that a semi-tribal society[?], made up of mostly illiterates, and with still a superstitious and religious dominated culture, has the ability to go through the legitimacy and consensus seeking processes, and to write a constitution, a social contract, under which all and sundry will respect and live by? The answer is definitely not yet. [Oops! I forgot these folks want us to go back to that neo-colonial, client-state document written under multiple occupations and in conditions only different in time and locale from their similar in Iraq and Afghanistan today!]. Otherwise, any reasonable person would have stopped for a minute and thought about few things before getting into the charade of a "conference" on the Constitution. And where? From all places on earth is in the US-Congress, dominated by the neo-cons, in the week after the House and only a day after the Senate, have passed a resolution authorizing the continuation of the occupation to another country long yearning for "the return to the Constitution" and then betrayed and sold cheap by the same sons and daughters who've worked so hard -just as our brave ALFA members are doing today- to bring the fresh air of democracy to a parched and hell-flaming country of theirs called Iraq - unjustly invaded and still occupied ! A conference by invitation only -of course the excuse of the space comes handy, as if Congress lacks meeting spaces or just the sponsor ain't fat enough! By invitation only! And probably going through a hell before getting admitted inside. Are these people serious, or what? Who's sponsored such a smoke-screen thingamajig? And what's in it for the Congress?

        A lot of work has still to be done before such an event can be thought of! And, of course, outside and miles away from any seats of power especially of the hegemonic type. Work and find a way to assert the existence of the individual by liberating the culture from all the elements that long have been nourishing the non-existence of freedoms. Only when there's some rudimentary inception of an individual ready to assume the burdens of freedom and with it a dynamic culture left to the imagination of its adherents to constitute, then and only then, there shall be talk about how to codify such an attitude into a document to be respected and cherished and transmitted to the future generations with all of the rest of the heirlooms.

        Is this a criticism of ALFA? Yes. Is this against the Constitution? No! If such a talk is to be started, it must be held only among Libyans, and must be open to all, including the Greenies, in as possible a neutral territory as can be found and under the sponsorship only of Libyans and of those who attend it. You cannot discuss such a serious matter under the auspices of a rampant power and under the eyes of some people who still consider you as well as see you as a remnant of the Neanderthals! Before attempting climbing such a mountain, one has to show that's up to the task -for the cliff is steep and the summit is far away! At a par, at least by being independent both financially but most importantly intellectually. For, a Constitution, before its mechanics, is the embodiment of a spirit and the expression of a will of a people determined to live the way they all came to agree upon. In this process no others, other than the concerned ones, can be of much help. The only help anyone else can offer is to leave you alone.


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