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Libyan Writer Ghoma
الكاتب الليبي غومة

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Thursday, 23 February, 2011


By: Ghoma

        The atrocities taking place in Libya these days are not results of collisions between visions nor as confrontations between competing political views, but rather out of, pure and simple, the arrogance of one tyrrant and his family against the whole country and its people. Libya, a country which has been taken from the will of its people by the power of guns. The guns of those plotters who had never asked for permission from anybody, came in an early dawn of that late summer day of a long time ago, riding their tanks and brandishing their automatic machine-guns promising heaven on earth.. Out of those plotters who'd introduced themselves as simple soldiers came out the arrogant and ignorant maniac, Qaddafi, the world has come to know for the last 42 years. And what Libyans thought of as going to be a brief and short period of transion has been extended to now 4+ decades of an arbitrary and capricous rule. 42-years of endurance under the grip and claws of a madman!

As all things terrestrial even tyrants must come to an end, including those who think of themselves as Pharoahs! The pressure has reached an explosive level. The tyrant must go! Libyans have just exploded to tell this despot his time is up. Now he's two options: Either keeps rambling and threatening to let more gangs and thugs roaming the streets and murdering people or call it a day and hit for the sunset! 42-years of his oppression and humiliation have only come to this sad conclusion: A bloody confrontation! A confrontation between two unequal sides: a disarmed people on one side and a well-armed regime on the other. What a cruel and murdurous regime indeed!

The despot must know Libyans have long fed up with cowing in fron the informants of his intellignece services and to the thugs of his so-called 'revolutionary commmittees.' Libyans have shed their fear ! And say it loudly on front of the whole world: Either the dictator is out or the uprising will continue. Even if in doing so inevitably will bring the country to the edge of collapse. Libya has beeen plagued by this tyrrany and it's time to do whatever it takes to extirpate its roots from the country once and for all.

Qaddafi has shown himself to be nothing more than an amoral individual in the garb of a fake 'revolutionary' and who knows no bounds. He's ready to commit crimes that humanity has only known in rare occasions in its history. Today more than 6 million Libyans are held hostages to the whims and cruelty of this maniac named Qaddafi. It's time for the conscientious of the world to raise their voices together and tell the tyrant: Enough!

The world has two options:

1- To stands silent and witness the genocide committed in front of its eyes and at the hear of its ears without doing much about it but only to regret later on for not having realized in time the size of the tragedy, be warned.

2-Or come together to send a message and a clear signal to the beleaguered regime in Tripoli that if he doesn't stop suppressing violently the peaceful protests, the world is ready to:

a- Isolate his regime

b- Stop reconizing his representatives

c- Freeze the accounts of his top ufficials, including the entire Qaddafi clan.

Only when the world sends such clear signals the regime in Tripoli may realize the predictment it's put itself in. By raising the voices against the regime, may make him realize what price he's to pay beyond the count of Libyan victims.


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